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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

House Of Boys

Wow!! What a graph this movie had! This film is definitely an emotional roller coaster. No wonder the director very sensibly divides the film into three acts focussing on different aspects and emotions. I personally think that this was a brilliant idea because that way it kinds of set focus on energies for the act. Very few films have dealt with gays and AIDS in a very mature way and with sensitivity. This film definitely succeeds in doing that after Longtime Companion.

Sometime in 80s we see a young boy Frank who is very open about his sexuality and deals very bravely with his school mates teasing and bullying him. He is a free spirit, like to have sex and before its too late he leaves his parents house and runs to Amsterdam with his closest gal pal. When the gal pal decides to go back, he has nowhere to go. Looking for shelter, he quickly finds refuge in an all-male strip/show club called House of Boys. He gets both work and house to live in there with 3 other guys who work in this club. Madame, a drag queen is the owner of this club. He makes friends with everyone but has this huge crush on his room mate Jake. But Jake is straight and i sin club only so that he can save money to do something meaningful in life. He also acts as a hustler in the club. After a few is understanding between Jake and his girlfriend, Jake ultimately responds to Frank's love and they start sharing a very very beautiful relationship. Just when things are going fine, Jake is diagnosed with AIDS and is asked to leave the club. The final act of the story shows Jake dealing with sickness and how Frank with all his love and support remains with him through his last days and end.

The first act is very bubble, comic and fun stuff with usual gay melodrama of hot bodies, drag queens, bitchiness and all. The second act, we see love blossoming between the 2 men. The scene where they first kiss and make love actually is very sensual and has been directed very esthetically. But its the last part that you are not prepared for and it saddens you. You feel for both Jake and Frank. Both the principal characters and even others have done a great job of acting. The visuals clearly show the open-nes and joyful gay liberation in early 80s until AIDS strike and things change suddenly. This and photography with acting and sensitivity makes this film different from a regular boy meets boy and boy loses boyfriend to AIDS story.

It was little odd to see fluent English speakers in the film supposedly set in Amsterdam but I am not complaining. I liked the film. (7/10)


Jean-Claude said...

thanks for the nice review :)

Golu said...

Are you really The Lean-Claude, the director? Wow!! Thanks sir for your comments. I really liked the film

GC from France said...

Gave this one a try last night and had a good time. Though I did not quite understand how comes Jack is the one who got infected since he was straight (before his meeting Frank - or was he not actually ?) while Frank who definitely has a lot of sex, doesn't seem to be sick. Of course we may deduce Frank's boyfriend's agony echoes with his own fate to come, but the director chose not to deal with this part while he might have.
Anyway, for those like me who did not know the 80's, this movie perfectly describes how life was back then, how careless people were -cause there was no reason to be- and is a reminder to everyone of us we have to protect to keep safe.

Golu said...

You just nailed it buddy. Even for me, these kinda films help me understand whats 80s was like in the gay world. Unfortunately, its been a while since I saw this film and there is very little I remember of it :(

I need to slow down a little.. lol

Paul Delgadillo said...

The reason why Jake got the HIV virus and not Prank was because Jake slept with the flight attendant from New York. In the eighties, when the AIDS epidemic started the rumors were that the origin of the disease could be traced to one flight attendant, who worked international flights between the US and Europe.

What I really liked about this film is that you can actually see the physical deterioration that Jake is suffering through and you can also see how Frank matures. You can also see how Madame does not want to live in the world of reality and runs away from the Christmas dinner because he does not want to see Jake, whom he had personally coached in the business of hooking up for money.

Golu said...


Amy said...

Well, Dutch speak better English than Brits. It's my personal experience, believe me.

Golu said...

I believe you Amy :) but I will wait for my first hand experience when I get a chance to visit.