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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dear Mr. Gacy (Canada)

This is a Canadian film, a true story and a much better watch that most crime dramas. Based on the true story of John Gacy, an American serial killer also known as the Killer Clown who committed the rape and murder of 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978. The movie is based on the true story of a college student contacting John Wayne Gacy in prison before he was executed.

Jason is an aimless college student whose only real passion seems to be criminology. The impending execution of Gacy gives him an idea--if he could find a way to contact the convicted serial killer, earn his trust and friendship, and persuade him to open up and perhaps even confess, it would make for a kickass term paper. His family, professor and girlfriend advice against it but still he goes ahead. Jason contacts Gacy by mail and even sends him some provocative shirtless photos to whet his interest. After a little research, Jason is also able to say things in his letters which are designed to establish a sympathetic, trusting rapport with the killer. The plan succeeds beyond Jason's wildest expectations, with Gacy becoming his ardent pen pal and even phoning him repeatedly from prison for long emotional chats. But as the naive, overconfident Jason thinks he's getting one over on Gacy, he has no idea that it is Gacy who is using Jason for his own twisted amusement. This is especially evident when Gacy coaches him on how to read people and assess their traits and weaknesses in order to assert control over them. Gacy wants Jason to become like him and to a very large extent succeeds too. The relationship begins to insinuate itself into every aspect of Jason's life until it finally becomes volatile and threatening.

By the time the film ends, we end up experiencing is an intense and uncomfortable story that goes far deeper into the psyche of Gacy and anyone who came into contact with him than the usual fare. Acting from Jason Moss is great. We see him grow from a boy to man while doing his research on Gacy and in the process getting his brain all messed up and his inner dark man coming out. It’s hard to keep the stakes high in a movie where we already know the ending, but by approaching the story from a different angle and telling a tightly focused story, it is a different ball game altogether. I like crime dramas and this one definitely succeeded 100 % in doing that.

What is not shown in the film is that fact that Jason Moss ultimately ended up writing his memoirs in his book 'The Last Victim' which referred to himself when he was almost raped and killed by Gacy in the prison. 7 years after he published his memo, on 6/6/2006 Jason Moss committed suicide. The reasons are still unknown but after watching the film you probably can get an idea that anyone who plays such mind games with experienced serial killers are bound to do a lot of damage to their own personality.

This is one of the best studies of serial murderers that I have ever seen. Strongly recommended. (7.5/10)

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