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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Martín (Hache) (Spanish)

This is a very different film. It shows the role of a parent in our modern society, the role of a child, the relationship, the friendship. Its a story about a father and son, so comes the question why is this a gay film? Well, The best friend of the father happens to be gay, so the film on a side also focuses on gay-straight men friendship and how it can all be pure, real and unapologetic.

Martín is a wealthy writer who left his family in Buenos Aires five years ago to live and work in Madrid. He has a nineteen year old son Hache who is a restless, foundationless teenager who refuses to go to school preferring to simply play his electric guitar and run with the drug crowd. His mother has remarried and has a new baby and Hache is feeling like a third wheel. He accidentally overdoses on alcohol and drugs and his mother notifies Martín that Hache has attempted suicide to induce Martín to return to Buenos Aires and take back his son Hache. In Madrid, Martín has been living the life of a recluse whose only contacts are his girlfriend Alicia, who escapes her life by an addiction to coke but loves Martín, and his best friend the bisexual actor Dante who is an Epicurean living all aspects of life for the pleasures he finds. Once Hache has moved in with his distant, cold, sullen father he falls under the influence of Alicia and Dante who adore him and attempt to show him a life of sunshine in Madrid while Martín sequesters himself in his writing. Martín for some reason is very uncomfortable with the his son living with him and tries to avoid talking to him etc. Ultimately Hache grows to understand the spectrum of worldviews, Alicia commits suicide because she never finds the love from Martín, that she has alway been wanting. Hache returns back to Argentina to disciver himself and also because he always felt as a tourist in Madrid. The end truly touches you.

The relationship between the father and son is very realistic and disturbing. You can see how Martín is uncomfortable because he has never been there for his son. It is not as if he does not care about him but he is just not forthright in expressing his love for others. His best friend Dante i always there for him. In fact Hache spends time with Dante and Alicia much more than he does with his father. Acting wise, everyone is superb and the film is also touching but it just failed to strike that one chord with me as a viewer where My heart would cry for either father or the son. The characters were linear in that sense. There was his one scene where the father talks about desperation of life after even the faintest thought of loosing his son. It's the nearest you will get to understand fatherly love if you don't yet have a baby.

Interesting film. Heart touching but does not leave behiind the mark that it should have. (4.5/10)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kleine Freiheit (German/Turkish) [A Little Bit Of Freedom]

A good part of this film focuses on friendship between 2 teenage boys. One of them is gay and we dont know for sure about the other but the films ends with focusing on their relationship. Just this is not the focus of the film. The film also focusses on Turkish/Kurdish immigrants in Germany and how they are dealing with their day to day life in Germany.

Baran is a young Kurd who is now illegaly in Hamburg working for a Turkish cafe owner along with his cousin who put him on this job. He came here after his parents, who had helped Kurdish rebels, were betrayed and subsequently killed by the Turkish militia. Now that Baran is 16, he is no longer allowed to stay in Germany and faces the bleak prospect of getting deported back. He meets Chernor, an African boy who has the same problem and trafficks drugs to make some money. Chernor is openly gay and their friendship has sexual overtones from the beginning. Baran also has very little interest in girls, even though a marriage might solve his immigration-related legal trouble. Things get even more complicated when Baran spots the traitor of his family and wants to kill him. However, the man pleads for his life and Baran spares him. After this act of forgiveness, Cherno and Baran get into physical intimacy but it is still not sure to what extent Baran enjoys it. Finally, both Cherno and Baran, who had made a desperate attempt to free Cherno, are arrested by the police. The film ends with Baran trying to save his friend from police thereby himself turning to the cops.

The acting from the main characters was very natural and real in my opinion. They did not give any impression of being actors. It also gave a very accurate depiction of Turkish-Kurdish conflicts. There were some very unnecessarily dragging small stories along the course of the film which really did not have much to do with the main film. The concept was interesting. I think the people from the region would be able to connect to the film more compared to an outsider to this world.

Strictly ok for me. I would categorize this as an artsy cinema and not commercial. (3/10)

Worried About The Boy (UK)

Now this one was something. 10 minutes into the movie and I realize that this film is based on Boy George's life which kept my interest alive but the fact that I dont know much about his career in the first place, it just kept my interest only till a certain point. After that it was all just get it over with. The film focuses on just two short specific periods of Boy George's life : his swift rise to fame from the underground club scene in early ’80s London and an even swifter fall from grace after his heroine addiction became public knowledge in 1986.

Much screen time is spent demonstrating how Boy George was a ‘girly’ boy that appealed to a lot of handsome, hetero men. Writer stresses on the point that these ‘straight’ men really only had sex with George because he was more-or-less a girl. In fact at one point George’s first serious boyfriend insists George call himself a “girl” so they can progress to the bedroom. George’s eventual rejection by Kirk and the death of a close friend from an overdose is the catalyst that sets George on his way to forming Culture Club and into the life of drummer John Moss, another formerly straight guy who would become the love of George’s life. The film keeps shifting focus between George's rise to fame and at the same time , his addiction to heroine and his fall from the top. The film is also the story of a son seeking something indefinable and a father trying to bridge the generation gap and understand his child’s life choices.

All the characters acted well. Portraying characters in 80's while not really being a part of that era could be a challenging task but the three leads (John, Kirk and George) did an exceptional task. I am really curious to know what did Boy George think of the whole movie and his portrayal. The costumes and setting of this drama looked amazing but after a while you get tired.

If you area Brit and into Boy George's music, you might dig this film. (3.5/10)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Red Dirt

Ok, this film i snot an easy film to watch. It can make you feel uncomfortable but that is because it feels so real. SO get so close to the characters that you feel their agony and pain. It is slow paced, really slow paced and that is what tested my patience. I think this movie is a classic case of I wish I had known what the film is about because I would have seen it with a different mindset and would probably have appreciated it more.

Griffith longs to leave the red dirt farm he shares with his aunt because he is fed up of her aunt and her penchant for fits of nerves and listening to opera music. Even the sexual relationship he is carrying on with his female cousin no longer fills his void. Shortly after the young man posts a "For Rent" sign for a adjoining guest house on the property, a drifter Lee comes along and moves in. Having no male figures in his life, Griffith quickly forms a friendship with Lee. Lee is a free-spirited man who has uprooted his own life in order to find the very things that Griffith yearns for. This commonality allows the two men to become best friends. Soon, the two men talk about leaving the farm to explore the "world beyond the farm" together. His aunt is somewhat dismayed that her nephew would form such a close bond with the stranger so quickly, but she does not wish to hold him back. His cousin, on the other hand, is first to suspect that the young man's attraction toward the stranger goes beyond that of "best friends." When she brings this to his attention, he is just as shocked and dismayed and unable to accept that he could be in love with another man. Griffith cannot find the courage to leave his aunt alone and does not join Lee who leaves the farm angry believing that Griffith has no guts. Griffith gets back to his routine boring normal life with his aunt when one fine day Lee comes back to apologize and confess his love. Griffith reciprocates but still cannot go with Lee because his responsibility towards his aunt is more stronger than his love.

This film, like I said is not for everyone. It is not really a gay film because there are no stereotypes in this. The characters are remarkably empathetic, and you somehow feel Griffith's pain. The line is blurred, however, between the "male bonding friendship" between the two men and homosexual love, a distinction the movie would have done well to explore. Performances from lead actors are all good. You totally get immersed with Griffith and his pain. Now that I think of the movie while writing this review, I actually understand better and maybe appreciate the film a little more. And the southern accent was also not the easiest to understand.

The movie is good, but not unless you're willing to invest some thought and even some heart. I unfortunately could not. (4/10)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

All The Queen's Men

I am not quite sure if this film was supposed to be comedy, satire, serious or what? They took a serious topic but dealt it in humorous way. Was it supposed to be gay comedy or just comedy where men dress as women or what exactly was it. That and many things apart, the film still held my attention because it kept moving and never dragged but the end result was still not satisfactory.

The premise of the film is that the British and American agents during the Second World War try to infiltrate the espionage mechanism in Berlin by disguising themselves in drag, in order to steal a precious Enigma encoding and decoding machine from an all-female factory. Involving a group of seemingly useless and odd team - One is a pen-pusher of rather advanced age who's terrified of the prospect of being dropped behind enemy lines, another is a bi-sexual transvestite who appears way too camp to be capable of doing any more than giving the others make-up and deportment tips. Then there's the brain-box multilingual de-coder, barely out of short trousers, hopelessly naive and with a weak bladder to boot and finally Matt Le Blanc playing apparently dumb but cute American leader for the combat like only he can. So to get this enigma from the all women factory they have to train themselves to be women. They finally reach Berlin after their training and with the help of a local librarian girl, they find their way out. Of Course our man Matt Le Blanc has to fall in love. We have few moments to tell individual lives of other 3 men. Finally after lots of trials and error, they successfully steal the enigma only to realize later that probably they were cheated. The army never wanted them to steal it. They only wanted them to get caught so that the Nazis could think they are still trying to get the enigma (which apparently they already had) and the Americans could continue to read all the codes.

There were so many pot holes in the movie but when it is suppoed to be comedy, you can easily ignore them. I must also say that theye were some funny moments but then this is one film where the 4 men did not look anywhere close to looking like women. They looked most manly and ugliest women. Matt Le Blanc seriously cant do anything after FRIENDS. He is still trying to find his bearing. You might like or dislike campy cabaret scenes, the sets, and lack of reality. Who needs realistic war scenes and drama when they want to relax and be entertained. Although at times there were scenes which depicted a poignant look at how the war affected people.

Consider this as a low budge comedy, you are not watching it because of its intense actions, or serious historical stories, etc, just watch it to get entertained. (5/10)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ice Men (Canada)

Another one of those films which is not necessarily gay centric. The film is about male bonding and friendship and one of the characters in the group happens to be gay. So there is a gay sub-sub-plot but there is nothing more to this film in terms on homosexuality than this. nevertheless, the film was still full of flaws.

For the first time since taking possession of the family cabin, Vaughn has invited his best friends up for a winter weekend of hunting and drinking and celebrating one of the guys' birthday. He gets really angry when his all fucked up brother Trevor turns up. Trevor has a gambling addiction and has come to the cabin to ask his brother for help, yet he resents the fact that his younger and more successful sibling inherited the cabin from their parents. As the time passes long-buried secrets give way to sexual tensions, and tempers begin to flare. Gay Jon falls for Steve, the physical instructor who though keeps saying he is straight, does end up sleeping with Jon. Bryan, a bad singer and song writer who also happens to be Vaughn's best friend, turns out has been sleeping with Vaughn's wife which is the reason for Vaughn's impending divorce. None of these men are particularly happy, and many of their issues remain unsolved. Steve immediately shuts down any further discussion of his night with Jon by telling him "nothing happened, we were drunk." And Trevor and Vaughn's troubled relationship remains just as enigmatic and fraught with problems by the film's end.

Ice men is gritty and not very entertaining. It explores the varying degrees of male sexual ambiguity. Acting wise I felt there was a lot to be desired. Since the plot's pace is so slow, it could not hold my interest and I could not really understand the point of the film. The story is ambiguous. Maybe the point of the film is to show how adult men interact with each other when they're alone. Or maybe the point is to show the effect of time, as childhood friends mature into adults.

I didn't care too much about these guys and whatever was going on in their life. (2/10)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This one was such a weird, odd and completely not needed plot and film thus adding to the number of trash gay films that are made in LGBT circuit. It was worse than a vampire horror slasher film, not that I have seen any of those either. I am going to keep the story and everything else very simple just because I dont want to waste more time on writing this piece adding to the time already wasted on watching the film.

When a one-night stand turns mild-mannered Ajay into a vampire, he struggles to come to terms with his unquenchable thirst for blood. Roaming the streets, car parks and video stores of Hollywood for fresh kill, the lifestyle of a fanged murderer isn't one that Ajay is particularly proud of. Enlisting the help of his best friends, wide-eyed and innocent straight kid Teague and randy sex-fiend Floor, the trio embark on a trip to Las Vegas to put all of the slaughtering and senseless killing behind them. However, the brief thrill of boozing and clubbing until the early hours does nothing to put Ajay's mind at rest, and he quickly falls back into his vampiric habits.

The film is as absurd as it gets. The acting of all 3 characters was sooooooo bad. There is a side story of a trashy romance between a boy and girl. Some random scenes with porn stars. I would have applauded the film makers for trying something new in gay genre but then this was just pathetic.

Stay away. Run as far as you can. (0.5/10)