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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pethaino gia sena! (Greek)

I haven't seen Greek gay comedies I think before , so this one definitely came as a surprise. On top of that, when the film is half decent when you have no real expectations from the movie. This one definitely came as a pleasant surprise. If I had seen the movie in its entirety, I probably would have given it higher rating but in comparison with other films, this falls a little short.

The film starts with a man who has just died and is trying to wonder how could he have died. The film goes in flashback and explores various reasons how he could have died. And funnily enough all possibilities are to do with a family of husband, wife, a gay son and grandmother who can't listen. The son is a bad student and need some private lessons. The father is a traffic cop who is full of himself and lives with a secret desire to become a famous lyricist. The mother teaches tango lessons and is very very busy. One the mother almost accidentally hits a man while driving, she thinks she has killed him but he is saved. She then hies him to teach her son at home. Initially the son refuses but when he sees the man, he falls in love and agrees to learn from him, thereby improving the grades too. Slowly, the mother and the teacher start having a passionate affair with the son and the mother totally unaware of each other's feeling. On the other hand, the father also starts befriending the teacher because he helps him in getting his creative juices flow for lyrics. Its only the grandmother who knows what's going on and wants to do something to save her family. In the meantime, son finds out about the mother and tells his father too. Everyone is so hurt that they all individually plan to kill him and the funny thing is that the poor teacher just dies of heart attack while having sex with the mother.

The entire film is done in a very comic manner. How everyone wants a piece of the teacher. The funniest is grandma who cant hear and communicates with the family through SMS. Also the whole climax sequence, where everyone has their own way of killing the teacher and when he dies, they all think that it is because of them he died, makes the whole premise very funny. Although the teacher was so ugly looking, I couldn't understand why everyone was going ga-ga over him.

A very decent fare but gets a little low on ranking because of a few reasons. (5.5/10)

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