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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wedding Wars

Wedding Wars is a very funny take on gay's struggle for marriage. I liked the fact that the issue has been given a humorous angle and not a serious issue based film. The film mostly explores relationship between 2 brothers who had some kind of falling out after one brother tells the other he is gay. I saw this film for the second time primarily to review it here and secondly cos it is funny too.

Ben and Shel are brothers. Ben who is an advisor to the governor has recently got engaged to governor's daughter Maggie. On Maggie's suggestion that they should try Shel as their wedding planner, Ben unwillingly goes to meet his brother and his partner Ted and asks him to be his wedding planner. Shel is shocked, surprised but readily takes it up, at the same time hoping that this will help bring the 2 brothers close to one another. Ben is clearly not very comfortable with the fact that Shel is gay but doesn't do anything about it. It is elections time and things are all fine until the governor gives his stand on gay marriage on national TV, a speech that was actually written by Ben himself in which governor says that a marriage should be only between a man and a woman. Shel is more disappointed by the fact that his own brother disapproves of gay marriage, a very fact that disappoints Maggie too. Shel goes on to protest against this in governor's house and also goes on strike against the wedding planning. His boyfriend Ted tries to explain him a lot but to no effect. Slowly his protest to everyone's surprise becomes a national event and gays go on strike everywhere in the country. This shows some funny situations since now the wedding goes in jeopardy since they can't find suitable people to help them. Anyway, all's well that ends well. When Shel understands how important the wedding is for his brother specially after Maggie decides to not get married because of all this, he pulls up his socks and gets all gays together to prepare for the most wonderful wedding that his brother Ben and Maggie could have. This helps in bridging the gap between the brothers and gives a channel for Shel to discuss gay issues with the governor.

Like I mentioned before, the film gives some insight into gay issues by being funny but at the same time talking about some very important issues which can have more desirable impact than some gay right advocates promoting something. Shel and Ben were very good in their roles. The start of the movie was a little awkward and it seemed to go nowhere but soon it picks up steam. The whole parent angle of Ben and Shel is also funny and so are the one line comments by the governor's wife. It goes overboard sometimes but most gay films do that. Its all good.

Definitely a one time watch. Gay romantic movie with genuine gay social issues. (6.5/10)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pethaino gia sena! (Greek)

I haven't seen Greek gay comedies I think before , so this one definitely came as a surprise. On top of that, when the film is half decent when you have no real expectations from the movie. This one definitely came as a pleasant surprise. If I had seen the movie in its entirety, I probably would have given it higher rating but in comparison with other films, this falls a little short.

The film starts with a man who has just died and is trying to wonder how could he have died. The film goes in flashback and explores various reasons how he could have died. And funnily enough all possibilities are to do with a family of husband, wife, a gay son and grandmother who can't listen. The son is a bad student and need some private lessons. The father is a traffic cop who is full of himself and lives with a secret desire to become a famous lyricist. The mother teaches tango lessons and is very very busy. One the mother almost accidentally hits a man while driving, she thinks she has killed him but he is saved. She then hies him to teach her son at home. Initially the son refuses but when he sees the man, he falls in love and agrees to learn from him, thereby improving the grades too. Slowly, the mother and the teacher start having a passionate affair with the son and the mother totally unaware of each other's feeling. On the other hand, the father also starts befriending the teacher because he helps him in getting his creative juices flow for lyrics. Its only the grandmother who knows what's going on and wants to do something to save her family. In the meantime, son finds out about the mother and tells his father too. Everyone is so hurt that they all individually plan to kill him and the funny thing is that the poor teacher just dies of heart attack while having sex with the mother.

The entire film is done in a very comic manner. How everyone wants a piece of the teacher. The funniest is grandma who cant hear and communicates with the family through SMS. Also the whole climax sequence, where everyone has their own way of killing the teacher and when he dies, they all think that it is because of them he died, makes the whole premise very funny. Although the teacher was so ugly looking, I couldn't understand why everyone was going ga-ga over him.

A very decent fare but gets a little low on ranking because of a few reasons. (5.5/10)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

101 Rent Boys

This is a documentary style feature which talks about 101 rent boys in Santa Monica Boulevard in the LA area. Although the film features 101 different hustlers, it focuses on the lives (and loves) of a few key men. They have been chosen to reflect the immense diversity of the boys of the Santa Monica Strip. An amazing thing happens when you cross a video camera with award-winning directors, $50 and a hustler.

To prevent the film from becoming monotonous and repetitious, it was divided into seventeen chapters with titles like, "Losing It," "The First Trick," "Gay," "Straight," "Turn-ons," "Turn-offs," "Pain," "Weird [stuff]," "Drugs," and "The Future." The stories, for the most part, are painful to hear: some interviewees clearly struggle with drug addition and it is clear how they will spend the $50 they earned making this film, many are victims of childhood sexual abuse or parental abandonment, others suffer from the recent departure or death of loved-ones. Some hustlers took the money politely and immediately tucked it away in a pocket, their underwear, or inside a sock. Some said "thank you" softly, with a sparkle in their eye. One man held his fifty dollar bill throughout his interview as though it were nothing or as if he had forgotten he was holding it. n many respects the men are indeed what you might expect, but in each instance they show, perhaps unintentionally, their humanity. They are indeed considerably more than the flesh and bone rented for a few hours by their customers. They are human beings and much, much more like the "average man" than they are different--a realization that adds to the film's uneasiness and which is, indeed, the ultimate point of the whole thing.

As a documentary, however, the film has two very distinct flaws. The least obvious of these is the fact that the prostitutes are selling more than their bodies: they are selling illusions, fantasies, and dreams.

Its different. Its not a feature film but a documentary that every person will have a personal preference to. (3/10)

Avant que j'oublie (French) [Before I Forget]

This is one of the few French films that either you will like or hate. There is no in between because the subject and treatment is different. It is not easy to hold someone's interest throughout the film of such nature. Unfortunately, I belong in the second category where I didn't particularly cared too much for the characters or the film in general. I could have stopped watching the film at any point and continued after missing a substantial portion and still not miss much because there isn't much going on in the first place.

Pierre is a blocked writer, a former gigolo now in his 50's who has been HIV positive for 20 plus years. He is depressed in life because no one wants him and he doesn't have much to go n with his life. Film progresses with Pierre having conversations over cigarettes with various gigolos (former) discussing life and money. He sees a shrink, who advices him to go for younger gigolos so that he can get a boost in his life. He reads aloud a love letter from the Eighties with slightly tearful wistfulness from an ex-lover who dies long long ago. In all this a rich man for whom Pierre thought that he will get all his money but that is not the case. The film has finally some action but it fades as soon as it had started. The film ends with Pierre agreeing to don a drag dress to go out with a much younger muscular gigolo.

Seriously, what the hell was this about. If it was about depression, the some sort of hope is also needed. Just looking through a man's conversations that go nowhere is not my cup of tea. Pierre comes across as self centered, one dimensional, and uncaring... bitter, but not willing to look at any options.

Completely avoidable. Even French make mistakes :) (1/10)