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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Un Enfant dans la foule (French) [A Child in the Crowd]

This is an old 70s film which directly actually does not fall in the gay category. There are situations in the film that question whether Paul was gay or not but it is clear that his attraction is more real to wards the girl whom he meets towards the end of the film. So this can be argued. Set in 1930s in Paris during the German occupation time, the film is nevertheless interesting.

7 year old Paul studies in a church run boarding school and visits his home every weekend. For some weird reason he feels that no one at home wants him (including mother, father and elder sister). Soon there are issues between the couple and they split. Paul is no longer in boarding school but school was never his thing. He tries but he just does not like to study. He wanders on the street and like to meet strange men looking for love and acceptance. He does this menial jobs for German soldiers in Paris and make some money out of it. He meets a school friend, they share a bond. Paul steals for him because he is finally getting love from someone but it doesn't last long because the boy being Jewish is deported. He then meets several grown up married men. They help him with some money and food which he graciously accepts. None of them uses him. BUt they all ultimately have to go back to their respective families, once the war is over leaving him all alone longing for love. The film ends when he is all dressed up as a 13 and a half year old boy going out looking for work to help is family.

This film is a classic example of how subtle you can show things in a movie. Is the boy gay or does he have affairs with men because he can provide his family with food? It's impossible to answer in that context. Paul's need for love is so intense he's looking for someone all along the movie. And this is because we see as a child he so strongly years for his mother's love but get complete ignorance on her part. There is no hint at homosexuality, all is suggested with an incredible sense of decency.

The film shows the pain of a boy very artistically. It engrosses you with it. (5/10)

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