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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Un Altro Pianeta (Italian) [One Day In A Life]

This was a stupid, nonsense movie. Actually maybe not that bad in retrospect but again, what was the point? A slice of one day in a person's life? But it still has to have a point. I can go and start filming a bunch of people on a beach on a particular day and 2 hours editing call it a film. It does not make it a art specially when you have forced nudity and sex in the film.

Salvatore is a handsome man edging towards middle age ho now spends time enjoying beautiful seaside of Italy. The film bizarrely starts with a hookup encounter with another young man in the sand dunes on his way to he beach. Then he goes to the beach, walks around (sometimes naked) and meets a group of 3 girls (totally annoying). The group starts talking about love , philosophy and future. He also meets a young man on the beach named Cristiano who reminds him of his lover who died a year ago. There is attraction between the 2 men but Cristiano is young and careless which annoys Salvatore. He becomes close to one of the women in the group, the only sensible one who it turns out is HIV positive. In a bizarre twist of incidents, suddenly everyone has to leave the beach for one reason or the other leaving Salvatore with this woman. They decide they like each other and end of making out and having sex on the beach.

Yes, this is how the movie ends. Totally abrupt. Hello!! How did our totally gay man suddenly become straight all of a sudden and fall for that woman. What was the whole point of all those weird conversations between all the individuals. The film may have premiered in Sundance film festival but it was very very odd and made no sense.

I would recommend to stay away and maybe watch one of your favorite movies for a second run. (1.5/10)

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