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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gay Short Films : 4

Clay Pride - Being Clay in America
Steve, age 31, introduces himself to us: he's clay. He talks about the struggle of growing up clay, feeling different, picked on at school, thinking it was his fault. Steve discovers a support group, "It's okay to be clay," and he starts to come out and accept himself. His dad is there for him. This one was very very interestingly different to make people aware of being gay without putting in their face.

A one-night stand leaves a young, single New York man shocked to find he might be pregnant. Although, one in a million case, he chooses to be pregnant and gives birth. One day he randomly again meets the man who could possibly be the father of the childI loved the film and the concept. It definitely makes you think. It shows a lot in little 5 minutes.

Le Bon Coup (French)
Elsa arrives to Oliver. She is ready to be seduced. But he is gay. All he wants is for her to pretend to have a loud orgasm so that his landlord thinks he is straight. He agrees but his lover is standing out the door and is now confused what's going on. Nice comic touch to the film and enjoyable short.

Lloyd Neck
Alex has a crush on her brother's friend, Jesse. But Jesse likes Alex's brother, Taylor. Alex knows something is up with her brother. Caught in an awkward position, Taylor takes Alex and Jesse to his favorite spot. A very very cute film. Shows the promise of a talented film-maker.

Love and Deaf
Joe can't find love because he can never shutup and stop talking. He one day finds his ideal man in a men's room when it turns out that the guy who just gave him a bj is deaf. This is one opportunity that Joe is not gonna give away. Very very nice.

That Thing We Do
On the cusp of coming out Kevin visits his family at their summer cottage. While there Kevin meets up again with his much younger cousin and the two recognize something in each other. A very touching and poignant story from both child's and the adult's perspective

A little better than the usual rating. (6/10)

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