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Friday, October 15, 2010

Rodeu-mubi (Korean) [Road Movie]

I had mixed feeling during watching this film because there were times when I felt that the film was simply dragging but having watched the whole film, I think I was impressed with the film. It looked very realistic (Though I am not the one to say anything about life in South Korea), and specially the ending left me in the pain when its too late when you finally are ready to reciprocate the love of the other person.

Dae-Shik is a gay homeless man on the streets of Seoul. We see him saying goodbye to a guy saying that he does not want love at the beginning of the film. He finds a suicidal ex-financier Suk-Won on the street. Suk-Won's business has failed and his wife has thrown him out. Dae-Shik starts taking care of him. Completely broke now, Suk Won also starts living on the street doing some menial jobs. Dae-Shik takes good care of him. He is falling in love for him. Deep love which Suk-Won is completely unaware of. The film progresses with the 2 spending time together, getting in trouble and being beaten up by police. The two hit the road together to find work, but instead find Il-Joo , a prostitute. Il-Joo is attracted to Dae-Shik. Dae-Shik is attracted to Suk-Won. And Suk-Won is not gay. When he turns to Il-Joo for comfort, the triangle is complete. One day it comes out that Dae-Shik is gay which none of the other two had suspected. Initially it grosses out Suk-Won but he decides to stay because there is nowhere else he can go. Il-Joo is heart broken too. Since the 2 guys had become friends, they move further without the prostitute where we find out that Dae-Shik was a climber, once married and now with a kid. Things get worse and Dae-Shik finally asks Suk-Won to leave which he does but he soon realizes his love for Dae-Shik. But its too late now. Dae-Shik is dead in a mine blast.

Few issues that I had with the film includes the fact that the film tried to be too realistic. I understand that they were living on the street and had their share of trouble but why show certain things more often just to stress on it. If the idea was to show that Dae-Shik is falling for Suk-Won , it was more than clear anyway. It was never very clear why Dae-Shik came on streets. My interpretation is that he felt guilty that he is gay and responsible for his ex-wife and son and doesn't deserve love and luxury and was punishing himself by being on the street. But he finds love. The chemistry between the 2 guys was good and you could see Dae-Shik's love for him. Il-Joo was nothing but annoying to the core but thats what her character demanded. I also liked the fact the fact that just because Dae-Shik likes him Suk-Won doesn't give in. He says, he likes him but this is one thing he cannot be. He cannot be gay. But ultimately true love wins. Its too late though.

It is a romantic movie but with a realistic element. You have to be patient to watch the film. The end of the film makes you feel the pain. (6.5/10)

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