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Friday, October 22, 2010

Presque rien (French) [Come Undone]

This is a film that promises a take on gay life, as most viewers expect and somehow, it gets away from that promise into an introspective view at a young man's soul. The film has a way of staying with us even when it has ended. It is a character study about how a young man gets involved into a love affair with someone so much different than him that, in the end, will leave Mathieu confused, hurt and depressed when things don't go according to what he hoped the relationship would be.

The story unfolds with Mathieu, after suffering from depression; revisit his family summerhouse to pull his life together. It is the same place where two summers ago he met his first boyfriend, someone he just broke up with. Mathieu is visiting with his sick mother and his sister to his aunt' summer house. While sunning at the beach Mathieu notices a handsome youth his age staring at him, and we can feel Mathieu's emotions quivering with confusion. The biy ultimately turns out to be Cedric who is completely attracted towards him. Soon after the boys starte an affair and start to build a love relationship. Viewers might not notice but they both have their differences too because Cedric just wants Mathieu for sex, specially shown when they both go to a visit an architectural site. Mathieu is complex young man coping with family issues whereas Cedric is free soul. Somehow Cedric talks him into staying back ad going to his town with him so that they both can start a life together. Mathieu is not sure but still decides to go ahead. Time passes, family changes are made, and Mathieu drifts into depression including a suicide attempt. The manner in which Mathieu copes with all of these challenges and finds solace, strangely enough, in one of C├ędric's past lovers Pierre brings the film to an ambiguous yet wholly successful climax.

There is a lot of symbolism between Mathieu picking up the cat after their break up and when he met Cedric for the first time. He picks up the cat on the street and we know Cedric used to hustle. He says hat cat is cute but stinks like Cedric was a street boy. He wants cat (Cedric) to be his prince charming but they know there is little compatibility except physical desire. Both the actors have done very well in the film. I think the end of the film is also nice because basically Mathieu is looking for a family and seeing Pierre with his mom helping and stuff, he knows he can trust him and make a friend in him. The direction is slow, gentle and provocative. A little tighter editing would have helped. The other negative point of the film is that a lot is left for the viewer to decipher. There would be people who would not get the gist of the film in its entirety.

Overall a pretty decent film that can be watched. (6/10)

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