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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Plata Quemada (Spanish) [Burnt Money]

After having finished the film, came the declaration that this film was based ona true heist that happened in Buenos Aires in 1965. It is so interesting because while I was watching the film, this is exactly what I kept thinking. The film has a gripping story and the main protagonists happen to be gay. Focus of the film is not their sexuality at all, instead its all about what they both are doing as a team and what are they capable of.

Nene and Angel are lover who are famous in the criminal world as 'Twins' since they never do anything alone. After initial passion, there is something missing between the two from Angel's side because he keeps hearing voices that tell him what he is doing is wrong. But when it comes to work it is all good. They are hired for a bank robbery along with the car driver Cuervo. The robbery is successful but they end up killing a couple of cops and also Angel gets shot in his shoulder in the process. Now the entire police department is after them, so they flee to Uruguay where they have to remain underground for as long as they can. Nene and Angel's relationship is deteriorating. Angel has some kind of psychological sickness but Nene truly loves him, wants to be with him and take care of him. Angel's physical withdrawal sends Nene outside the relationship to satisfy his sexual needs. One of these encounters is with a woman Giselle he meets in a bar and results in a confessional talk about his gayness and ultimately ends up in one of the most sensuously graphic sexual scenes. Angel had sensed that Nene had been cheating on him, and he soon understands where Giselle fits in. Before it can come to a fight, however, he also hears from Giselle that Nene still cares for him and suffered from his rejection. When she forces him to choose between her and Angel, he chooses Angel. She informs the cops about their whereabouts. The cops surround them. At first the three of them believe they will be able to escape because the cops would not endanger all that money. In high spirits, the three of them set to defend the apartment and their freedom, while Nene and Angel rekindle their relationship and spend some short and erotic moments of mutual happiness. Seeing that now they can't save themselves, they burn all the money and ultimately die.

The performances of the two lead characters is commendable. They have done a great job. The physical relationship between Nene and Angel is far less graphic and yet far more sensual for being so. There is no graphic love scene between them (except in the end) but both of these men are ultra-convincing as the macho thugs who would literally die for one another, and they invest every gesture, every inflection, with genuine romantic chemistry. For all its dramatic fireworks and sexual tension, BURNT MONEY is a story of undying love, as touching and beautiful as any this reviewer has ever seen. They may be thieves and murderers, but when Nene looks into Angel's eyes, you know instinctively that their love transcends life and death, and is destined to last an eternity. On the flip side, the film was lengthy. A smaller shorter version could keep the proceedings crisp. The other thing I felt was the lighting. It was too dark at most places.

This film is a terrific love story and a heartstopping thriller based on a true story. Try and watch it. (6.5/10)

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