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Sunday, October 3, 2010


I saw this film few years ago and remember that it was funny film. I had to watch it again primarily because I had to review it and hence decided to watch it this time with my boyfriend who by the way hates romantic comedies and is not a fan of gay movies. With his apprehensions he started watching this movie, could not get too much into it. But me? I still liked it. Maybe not as much as I remember liking the first time but nonetheless it still wasn't a bad second viewing experience.

Dve and Katherine work in a law firm as peers and former lovers. After breaking up with his girlfriend, Dave moves in with his best friend Christopher who is gay. Christopher's next door neighbor is Lucy who thinks these two are boyfriends. Tables are turned when a case involving sex discrimination over a gay employee is to be assigned. Dave and Katherine vie for the assignment that will most assuredly result in being granted full partner ship in the firm. The company involved happens to be of Lucy's father. When she eyes Dave in the firm and thinks he is gay, she thinks he will be perfect to represent his father's company in the lawsuit. Initially Dave is surprised but agrees to play along the gay charade. He tells his company he is gay, wins the assignment leaving Katherine jealous, knowing that Dave is NOT gay. The remainder of the story revolves around the cat and mouse game between Dave and Katherine and Dave and Lucy's mutual attraction that interferes with his job. Lucy slowly starts falling for Dave and he also finally thinks that he might be finding true love but his career will be at risk if he tells the truth. We also have a side story of William (Katherine's boyfriend) who used to be Christopher's loer whom he still hasn't been able to forget. The story ends well, with the film being a vaguely funny if very superficial view of what being gay is all about.

My favorite part of the film is still when Christopher stops Dave to pretend to be gay and he gives all kinds of stereotypes about liking palates, Madonna etc and so he could be gay, and also the fact when Chris is explaining him different roles of top, bottom ,vers etc and Dave reacts saying that you gays have so much fun and choices. I liked that there was this true friendship between a straight and a gay man and thank god, they did not show the gay man falling for his straight friend. The friendship was pure and they were both very very comfortable with themselves and each another. There were some funny sequences involving 2 of Dave's colleagues who are homophobic and have their own theories of who could and could not be gay. The sequence when Dave's parents come to visit him to accept his sexuality was also very funny.

Overall a pretty good funny evening experience. (6/10)

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