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Friday, October 1, 2010

I Don't Want To Sleep Alone (Malaysia)

What the f*** was this film. An almost 2 hour film with barely any dialogue, this film really tests one's patience. I recently saw a lot of gay asian cinema and liked it but this was torture. Actually this was not even a gay film.

2 stories run parallel. There is this young waitress who is taking care of this old paralyzed or in coma man. Her life is very boring. On the other hand, there is this group of Bangladeshi immigrants who one night find this Malaysian man beaten and passed out. One of the guys takes very good care of him, nurtures him back to health and sleeps next to him. This homeless man met the waitress and share the feelings for each other by following each other around in the neighborhood. The film ends as randomly as it started.

Most of the time it just seems like a hodgepodge of random (and meaningless) ideas pieced together. The relationships depicted here are so unclear (there's nothing apart from lust), and I find the characters hard to sympathize with. Please don't serve us anything in the name of art.

God help. Stay away. (0.5/10)


Abdul Zainidi said...

hello to whoever made this site and bravo, I have a film i'd like for you to review could it be possible it's from near Malaysia,it's a short film thank you

Golu said...

Hello. Sure I would love to watch and review . Could you please prove a link or something?

And thanks for all the kind words.

Abdul Zainidi said...

hello Golu what's your e_mail ? lol

Abdul Zainidi said...

Hi ok just sent you the film thanks.

Abdul Zainidi said...

hello happy new year did you get a chance to look at my film,cause you need a film from Brunei lol


Golu said...

hey buddy. My apologies, i haven't seen it yet. I will see it soon and review it here the first chance I get