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Monday, October 18, 2010

Gay Short Films : 5

En Malas Compañias (Spanish) [Doors Cut Down]
A school boy hangs around a mall in order to pick up older men and have sex in the public toilets. When his English tutor teaches him anal sex he is opened up to new experiences despite being caught by his disapproving father. When he meets a 18 year old he goes to the toilets only to be caught by security and charged. Despite his parent's disapproval he finds this makes him dedicated to one relationship but the sexual anonymity of the toilets is a constant lure for him. This film is done in a very entertaining way.

Close To
Two young men have a brief sexual encounter in a New York City subway that sets off feelings of anxiety and desperation. It was a weird film that I didn't care much about.

Davy And Stu
As the sun sets over a swampy Scotland bog, two boys meet in the darkness as part of a nightly ritual. Part character study, part love story, DAVY & STU is a heartwrenching look at the intensity of adolescent romance and forbidden love.

H.G. living a happy and openly gay life in New York must return to Iowa to help his alcoholic father save the family farm. He doesnot feel part of clan but still helps with another boy Ryan hired by his father. He comes out to his high school sweetheart, who outs him to the whole town, forcing his father to take to his bed with a bottle. Alone one night in the most desolate part of town he runs into Ryan and discovers that the farm hand is not exactly the ladies man people think he is.

Alkali, Iowa
On his family's farm in rural Iowa, young Jack Gudmanson is wrestling with his sexual identity, not an easy thing to do in the macho world of the Midwest. But things become clearer for him when he discovers via a rusty old lunch box filled with gay magazines that his father, killed in Vietnam, led a double life down on the farm. But as liberating as the discovery is for Jack, it is painful for his grandfather and mother, who have tried for years to keep it a family secret. Now Jack must decide whether to share this new information with his younger sister or allow it to remain buried a while longer.

Omar (French)
This is the poignant story of Omar; a closeted young man living in the tower blocks of a city he love. He hides his homosexuality, having sought solace in his relationship with a local teen who’s regularly subjected to homophobic abuse, by way of the gang culture that surrounds them. Accidentally seen thereafter in a gentle gay embrace, the wrath of prejudice is soon to descend upon Omar, leaving him pondering whether to turn his back on his true sexuality or the city itself.

The Bobbsy Boys
An emotional film about 2 lovers who are siting at th ebeach watching their son. One of them has cancer and is leacing his son in his partner's name in his will. When the partner says he will take care of the son come what may, the first guy is able to die in peace.

Some of these films were really good. (6/10)

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