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Monday, October 25, 2010


This film is made up of four unique stories, very different from each other, about 20 minutes long talking about different aspects of gay romance and each story is quite moving. We see also what love is and how it affects the characters. the stories could as well have been for characters of any sexual orientation.

"Don't Ask" is about a interracial couple Cameron and James. The two have been together for 4 years and for most of that part Cameron has been on duty in Iraq. Just before Cameron has to leave again for his duty, they both go out to meet friends, where Cameron is forced to defend himself to a pacifist when she wants to know why he is still fighting in a useless war. Cameron leaves and James stays home and lives in fear that his lover may not return.
"Bloodline" is about Gerald, a cute gay goth who finally is able to talk to Christian in his class. He always thought Christian was interested in him. Pretty soon the boys fall in love for each other but hide their feelings. Christian hides his biggest secret of being a vampire. Gerald wants Christian to turn him also into one so that they can be together forever.
"Strokes" is about hero worship. Michael, just out of art school gets internship under his idol Robert Brook. Michael soon realizes that his hero is not a nice person, rather he is eccentric and has no respect for anyone around him. Michael's dreams are smashed though at the same time he is sexually attracted by him. But Michael has to go through the ordeal till the final day when he sees a very tiny soft side of Robert Brooks and finally they both go to bed together that night.
"Breathe" is a film about everyone who has fallen in love for first time. With a complete voiceover, the director narrates the story of a young boy Dennis who is a loner and harbors feeling of love for the best looking and most popular guy in school. When he finds out that both their parents are friends and had planned a camping trip together, he has to bear the extra pain of being so close to that boy but being so far at the same time.

All 4 stories were very different. I think I liked all of them. SOmetimes it is good when you just finish an idea and not stretch into a full length feature. Content wise, 'Breathe' is best of the lot but execution of 'Strokes' is much better. 'Bloodline' is left open ended plus I wasn't too impressed by the performances.

Decent watch if you are into shorts. (5.5/10)

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