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Sunday, September 12, 2010

XXY (Argentina/Spanish)

How many times have you heard of movies that deal with 'hermaphrodite'. In fact, how many times have we even heard of this except maybe on occasional book called 'Middlesex' (which I must say here was remarkably awesome). This film beautifully does that and apparently a film like this coming from a first time director from Argentina holds a special mention for the theme of the film.

Adolescence is always a roller coaster ride. Add the premise of being a 15 year old Hermaphrodite,and things can get even scarier. Alex is a 15 year old troubled teenager girl. She is hermaphrodite. They live in a village by the sea when her father decided to move there because of her condition. Now that she is a teengae, her father wants to give her a choice to undergo surgery to become a boy or girl but Alex wants to remain the way she is and even stops taking the hormones that her mother gives her. Alex's mother pressures her to decide about surgery by invite her friends from Buenos Aires who happen to be a doctor. Their son Alvaro also comes with them who has no idea about Alex's condition and is dealing with his own sexual issues. After fights, make-ups etc, Alex and Alvaro start developing a beautiful friendship where Alex is always wanting to have sex with Alvaro but he refuses. One day when he decides to go for it, he is shocked when Alex takes the male role and Alvaro likes it. This is when we know his issue. This event is witnessed by her father. He is not judgmental only perplexed about what his proper role should be in Alex's life, and discusses Alex with a gas station owner who had to make a similar choice in his teens. When things don't workout, the friends decide to go back after Alex and her father kind of dismiss them for forcing surgery on Alex, Alvaro is the one who is most depressed because just when he thought he is understanding Alex, Alex is no longer interested in him and wants him to go back. Now it is not just Alex who is to deal with her issues but even Alvaro who has to confront his sexuality.

The films lighting is dark and is sometimes hard to follow and is definitely very slow. There are lot of symbolisms in the film. Alex has an aquarium filled with hermaphroditic clownfish and a collection of dolls with attached penises attached. This doesn't adds much to a story since it is done with subtlety and great sensitivity. The film is disturbing specially when the subject is so alien to the audience but it definitely leaves an impression. It thankfully does not give you a forced shock feeling. A film of haunting beauty and compassion that says that every human being deserves to be loved for who they are regardless of gender, physical deformity, or sexual orientation, it will also be hard to get out of your head.

For a first film it was definitely impressive and worth watching if you dont mind the very slow pace of the film. This film is art not entertainment. (7/10)

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