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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Soundless Wind Chime (Hong Kong)

This film is a mish mash of reality and illusion. There’s a lot going on beneath Soundless Wind Chime’s stylish, deliberately arty surface. Unfortunately, it’s the filmmaker who’ll probably get the most out of Soundless Wind Chime, and not his audience due to the fact that his intentions are too unfocused, and aren’t bridged to the audience effectively. The main aspect that might draw you away is an attempt to blur the boundaries of reality, memories and imagination.

Ricky works at a local restaurant and delivers food. One day he meets a swiss guy Pascal who was being abused by his gay partner. Pascal is now on street with no money left. Ricky brings him home with him. Things are fine and they move out and start living together. The speed with which their relationship was going strong, it comes down with the same speed. The film clearly does not show the reasons for why this happens but there is clearly a rift. One day Pascal does in an accident. Ricky leaves Hong Kong for Switzerland to find the lost soul and the past of his dead lover, Pascal. He faces a struggle of memories, reality and illusion on his dreamlike journey. When he visits a beautiful thrift store, Rickey meets Ueli, a man that looks identical to Pascal, but has a totally different personality. Whether he is Pascal or not is left for the viewers to decide. Ricky faces a struggle of memories, reality and illusion on his dreamlike journey.

This whole aspect of reality vs imagination left me totally confused. Plus some things were just not explained right. What made the 2 men come so close to each other and why did their relationship start deteriorating. In addition scenes of Hong Kong and Switzerland were intercepted so sometimes it was hard to keep a track. I think in an attempt o make something lovable and poetic, the director lost his vision or the execution of the vision.

Wish I could understand what was going on. (3.5/10)


cock lover said...
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robin said...

To understand the movie better, you need to understand the meaning of wind chime to Chinese people.
The main difference between eastern and western movies is that eastern movies are not well-narrated as it leaves some imaginations to the audiences. Do some research before concluding on such a wonderful movie.

Golu said...

We are both entitled to our views. My blog tells just my views and no one's in general. If I have to do research before watching a film, I am not sure if I would wanna see it.

Good for you that you liked the film but I have my own tastes :)

Anonymous said...

Wow just finished watching this film and once again I want to so badly just pick up and spend a week some where in Asia LOL! I loved this movie when it started I thought Ricky and Pascal were gonna have this great wonderful relationship I mean Pascal was living on the streets had run away from his hurtful lover and now had Ricky everything seemed so wonderful like a dream come true there were so many times I wanted to become a part of the story to change what was happening. Its not clear what happened at all between the two but they seem to have drifted apart. The dude who he found on his trip to learn about Pascal's past I dont know what happened with him I was left with lots of questions. I wished this movie had alternate endings LOL! You could pick what you wanted to happen. A lot of times I had to keep from laughing because when Pascal went to see about getting the job at the school. Very much like what happens to me when I hang out with my Chinese friend and his family. There is all this talking and I cant help but sit there and just smile at them while I wonder what is being said. Other than the eye candy from Ricky I did not get alot out of this film.