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Monday, August 23, 2010

Rainbow Boys: The Movie (Thai) [Right By Me]

This was such a immature film. Everyone involved was trying too hard but just the whole premise, the acting and the direction was very very amateurish. And don't even get me started on the parents of the teenagers. They were so ridiculously horrible that I wonder what prompted the director to have any of those parents to be in the film.

Nat and Tat are 2 high school friends. Nat is flamboyant and out to the world and the constant target of bullies because of it, with an unrequited crush on Tat. Tat is the nerdy studious one, on the college team. He is in closet but his parents hate that he hangs out with Tat rather than having some real friends. Tat's attention is drawn by Ek, the hunky college basketball star who has a girlfriend, but who shows up at an off-campus gay student meeting and - when he sees the others from his class - quickly claims that he went to the meeting "by mistake". But its apparent that Ek has interest in boys too. He manages to get Tat to tutor him . They get closer and in the process Tat learns about Ek's abusive father. Meanwhile, Nat continues to drop not-so-subtle hints to Tat that he likes him as more than just a friend, but is frustrated when his friend doesn't seem to get the message. Finally Ek gives in to Tat realizing that they are both very attracted to each other.

The film simply sticks to the issues in an understanding & affectionate way through the experiences & feelings of its three key characters. At the same time, because it doesn't include more graphic elements, RBM comes dangerously close to being an "afternoon special" bordering o 'boring'. I have already mentioned about the histrionics that the actors have put in the film. No one should waste a time on this. I can see this being a good story to read. Director probably needs some lessons himself.

Avoid at all cost. (1.5/10)

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