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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

El cuarto de Leo (Uruguay / Spanish) [Leo's Room]

Aha!! Now this movie was interesting. The topic of an individual struggling with his sexuality still intrigues me. If done in a unique and interesting way, this topic can still manage to hold one's attention and this film managed to do exactly this. It was a very interesting idea, developed differently, a bit slow but the lead man Leo was so attractive and good looking, it doesn't harm to watch the slow pace of the film.

Easy-going but secretly troubled college student Leo is thrown when his girlfriend – fed up that he can’t get it up – dumps him. He knows he’s gay or at least he thinks so but can't admit to himself forget admitting it to his psychiatrist, his supportive mother or his stoner roommate. One day he meets his old female friend from primary school Caro and they both become very good friends. Caro looks a little messed up but soon a friendship starts growing between them. In the meantime Leo also meets a handsome man Sebastian and they start a beautiful relationship which usually doesn't go outside Leo's room. Initially its fine but soon Seb gets frustrated because this is an example of Leo not accepting who he really is. Leo is scared, very scared. Seb leaves him asking him to first figure himself out and then come back to him. In the meantime, Leo finds out that Caro has been taking depression medicines and wants to find out the reason which he soon does. Apparently when Caro's nephew died, she was with him and her sister blames her for the death. After Leo's visit to Car's sister, things change and the sister forgives Caro. She is cheerful now. Leo feels better. The movie ends with Leo taking a break and wanting to do a road trip to figure himself out.

While dealing with topics of sexual suppression and self-awareness, the film remains light and often hilariously funny, specially by the presence of Leo's stoned out roommate who knows a lot more than he’s letting on. Leo has done a fabulous job in the film as a man struggling with himself, with his mother and his found true friend. The film keep you intrigued and you want to know what's going to happen. I thoroughly enjoyed the film. I want to see more of these kind of films.

Must watch and a very good experience. (7.5/10)


Moises said...

Hi I just have a quick question, I love to read your reviews but I wanted to know where can I watch most of the films and short films that you reviewed on your blog. Thanks.
Im really want to watch them.

Golu said...

I watch it at various places man. Some in LGBT film festivals, some through dvds from my local gay center library and TLA video while others I watch it through internet.

Do you have access to any of these?

Viktor said...

This movie has such wonderful music!!!

I loved it every bit of it!

Golu said...

wow!! you definitely have been catching up on a lot of movies. I am so glad !