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Saturday, July 17, 2010

You Should Meet My Son

Oh my God!! I haven't laughed so hard in a gay film. If you are an avid reader, you will see that most of my high rated films are usually romantic but boy this movie was a laugh riot. I was expecting nothing but it just turned out to be such a pleasant experience. I think specially when you watch with other queens, it is all the more funny. Comedy is contagious.

Mae is southern mother who lives with her sister Rose. They always invite Mae's son Brian every weekend and introduce him to a special girl but Brian always brings his special friend and roommate Dennis with him. Brian doesn't have the guts to tell his mother that he is gay. One night the sisters finally catch on – with the help of an "Is Your Son Gay?" survey in a magazine. The sisters then wonderfully change their course and try to find Brian a man. They’ve heard that the Internet is the place, so they ask a teenage neighbor to set up a computer for them. They goto manhunt to find the man but soon give up. They then visit a gay bar where they make friends with a gay couple, a couple of drag queens and a stripper who Mae thinks would be perfect for Brian. When she invites all these people over for dinner, Brian throws a bomb that he is marrying a girl because he wants to have kids. Mae then creates a whole plan where using the help of all these gays she met at the bar, she makes Brian realize that she loves him as he is and all she wants him is to be happy.

This is one of the sweetest and funniest movies in gay cinema that I have seen. Its remarkable that this is the director's first feature film. Mae and specially Rose were both fantastic and hilarious in the film. Everytime they were on the screen, you couldn't help laughing. ALl the scenes involving bunch of gays at Mae's house when Mae is trying to put sense into Brian to not get married are hilarious. I loved the two drag queens. Fantasia, he taller drag queen was superb. There were unlimited hilarious moments where Rose and Mae are trying their level best to understand what gay is all about and Mae keeps an eye on her neighbour's teenage gay son.

Strongly recommended. For whatever it was, I completely thoroughly enjoyed the film. (7.5/10)


Dante said...

OMG!, this movie is in QFest this year. I must watch this movie. Anyway I've just see your blog. And it's awesome. Eventough I don't agree in one - two of your reviews..

Golu said...

Thanks buddy.
I would like to hear some of your views on my reviews. The good thing is each of us have a different sensibility for a movie and that what keeps movies in business cos thats what will keep movies going.

Watch this one. It is def good

Viktor said...


I just finished watching "You Should Meet My Son", and I totally loved it!!! At the beginning, I was a bit reluctant to watch it, as I thought the mother and the aunt's characters were 'a bit' over the top, but I found myself increasingly immersed in the story. Hated when the son brought a girl home; loved it when the mother and the aunt started to reinvent themselves back to happiness. The ending was very nice and heartwarming.

Golu said...

I agree, the beginning scenes are so OTT but thats what starts adding to the charm after a while. I loved it too