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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wasabi Tuna

The film could have had an interesting premise and it actually did start off well as well but somewhere it completely lost the steam. The film started to drag and the scenes were unnecessarily extended to the extent that my interest in the film starting to loose. It would have been better with a crisp script.

It s the night before Halloween and everyone is trying to finish their costumes for the annual Parade! Fredrico, a hot young Latino spinning instructor; Dave, a successful African-American stockbroker; Evan, a stylish young interior designer; Harvey, Evan s equally fabulous business partner and boyfriend; and Emme, a quirky young woman obsessed with style and vintage movies, have been waiting all year for this day to come. Originally they decided to dress up as Wasabi Tuna but then ultimately they decide to dress up as gangsters and this is when a full on comedy of errors with many more people involved Evan & Harvey unknowingly have been dealing with a drug dealer Anna. A gangster and his moll is also involved with whom the group exchanges their car, a bunch of Anna Nicole Smith drag queen impersonators and a pair of cops trying to bust the drug dealing. The whole evening goes so bad and rough that finally once the ordeal is over, the group ends up dressing as Wasabi Tuna to attend the halloween party.

Evan and Harvey were the only enjoyable part of the movie. For the longest time, viewer is confused whether Fredrico and Dave are straight or gay because their character was developed as gay but they kept flirting with girls. The drag queen were annoying. There were too many characters who somehow are related to each other and it becomes a chase between various people to the extent that it looses it charm.

It was just an alright film. A crisp editing could have made the film much better. (3.5/10)

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