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Friday, July 30, 2010

Le fate ignoranti (Italian/Turkish) [The Ignorant Fairies] [His Secret Life]

This film was both deep and touching. What happens when a man loved 2 people and how the 2 people now come face to face to deal with their loss and make their own friendship. The film doesn't have any clichés. It consumes in the interesting characters that it has. The whole gang of Michele is colorful, funny and full of life.

Antonia was living the life of most women would dream of. A good medical career, a loving husband, and a wonderful marriage. All that came to a crumble one day when he died in an accident leaving Antonia is grief and mourning. But an accidental discovery of a painting hinted that Antonia's husband Massimo has another lover. Burning with anger, Antonia sought to find out more about this lover. But there is a catch; Massimo's lover is a man, Michele. Which shocked Antonia more to realising that her husband had lead a double life; one a straight married man, the other a gay lover. Through Michele, she learnt more of her husbands secrets. A circle of friends Massimo has known through Michele, drag queens, immigrants, gay men, quirky apartment neighbours, and also AIDS patients. This circle of friends shared a warmness that all frienships has. Indirectly, she has replaced the vaccuum left by Massimo's death. At the same time, there is a growing attraction between her and Michele, as both are brought closer together. Time moves on and Antonia and Michele have a love hate relationship. Finally Antonia is shown to move on with her life and she wants to travel and see the world to make up for the loss of her husband.

here are many side stories to Antonia and Michele's friendship as well such as dealing with rejection, pain suffered by an AIDS patient. Some of these issues are delicately dealt and while some humorous. One thing that I both liked and did not was the fact that Michele did not keep mourning and crying of his loss of Massimo's death. He was always 'the other man' and knows how to deal with. It is more difficult for Antonia because this is all new for her. I loved when Antonia and Michele kiss because they both think they are kissing Massimo through each other. The direction was brilliant and the entire story was handled very beautifully.

Strongly recommended. This is what we call good cinema with gay characters. (8/10)


Mauro Lazzerini said...

My dear friend, congratulations for this blog and for your presentation's comments of the movies, wich I almost agree with.
As an italian, I would love to tell you that the original title of this film is "Le Fate Ignoranti", being " Tableau de Famille" french.
I wish you the best, Mauro

Golu said...

This is amazing piece of information. I will make the changes right away. Thank you so much

Mauro Lazzerini said...

You are very much welcome.
I loved your comment to "Come Non Detto", its an amazing piece of cinema.

Golu said...

It sure is :)