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Friday, July 23, 2010


This movie was different, very different; in terms of story, style execution, reality vs execution and everything else. You might or might not like the film but the fact will remain the same that this is a new and a novel experience.

A young hustler comes with a man to his apartment building. We right away realize that he likes to please his men, and their pleasure is his top priority. After he gives pleasure to this man, he is on his way out. SOmehow he can' find his way out and thats when starts his encounters with other gay men in the building while our hero trying to find his way out of he building. He first meets a cocaine filled older guy where he strips dance, blows another man and sees some tenderness in another man. Next he meets a straight man with issues who wants to blow him. When the deed is done , he hits our hero wherein he gets saved by another older man in the building. After a series of very mature discussions with the man, they get physical and the old man does him. All this while our hero makes sure he gets paid for whatever he is doing. By this time we also realize that he will do anything for money (as we see in 4 diff encounters and 4 different acts). Finally he meets the same tender guy whom he saw in the old man's aptt. He is lonely and just wants to spend time with the hustler and wants to kiss him. He refuses but this dude is persistent and is ready to pay him all his savings. WHen the hustler agrees, starts a passionate kiss that lasts forever and it goes all the way. The hustler who all this while was emotionless and was doing everything for money finally has an emotion in himself re-ignite and now he longs for love too.

Sex is the commonality, but out of that commodity comes raw, unguarded emotions for all, even for the hustler. Mid way into the film, I felt that the director was trying to make a fantasy and a dream but it was realistic, something that you realize from the dialogues. I got a sense that he was trying to portray the hustler as a dream , a farce and not a reality. In either case, it was alright. Performance wise it was strictly ok by everyone.

It was a strict ok for me. (4.5/10)

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