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Monday, July 19, 2010

Shut Up & Kiss Me

My days of bad movies are not over yet. Not even in the film festival. Here comes a bizzare story with an ending that leaves you saying WTF. And the fact that it is director's autobiographical doesn't help. I can empathize but thats no sorry excuse to make a lousy film.

Ben is attractive, successful, and looking for love…in all the wrong places. Failed attempts with video dating, his uproarious friends setting him up, and bad gym run-ins have this perennially single 35-year-old ready to call it quits. He figures maybe romance is just not in the cards for him. Except there is this hot stud who runs by his house each morning as he waters his lawn. It takes a fair amount of courage for Ben to speak with Grey, well actually, he’s pushed into it by his best gal pal Callie, and the chemistry is instant. But here's a problem. Grey cant be monogamous. He likes to play around while Ben is a 1-man person. Neither of them hides this from the other but after a while Ben can't take it and they break up. His friend tries to hook him up with other men. Then one fine day Grey runs into Ben who doesn't talk to him too well except that he had to go see a therapist for his problem. The movie ends with Grey being that therapist and the fact that Ben has accepted his man's philandering ways of life.

Yes, the movie ended exactly like that. After the movie finished, the director was present for QnA, and all I wanted to ask was 'What was the point of the movie? What is it that he wanted to tell us?' It was all so absurd. The characters had no chemistry and connection. They were overacting their parts to an extent. It was just weird. Oh! and the most annoying thing was a big giant green frame at Ben's house entrance which was there is like every frame. Probably the director forgot his pay his VFX team

Don't go by some reviews. You will regret this one. (1.5/10)


GC from France said...

Bad acting and lame movie ; I just wasted time and had to fast forward some parts.

Golu said...

Told u so.. This one was just bad..
No two ways about it