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Sunday, July 11, 2010


I had high hopes with this movie primarily because of the actors involved in the film. I have seen other films of Matthew Montgomery which have been quite decent but this film was different, odd different. Real life couple play the main protagonist in the film. The chemistry s there but there is lack of script and storyline.

Hunky soap star Graham is suddenly outed when a sex tape scandal breaks out. Because of this he is seeking refuge at an exclusive Palm Springs resort and is planning about his next steps. ENter Trey Reed, a gay marriage activist who is now going through his divorce because apparently as per media , he has been cheating on his husband. After initial accusations to each other, a friendship and passion starts building between them in which each one questions the other of reasons that led them to the current situation. They force each other to confront their professional downfalls. As it turns out, Graham had personally himself leaked the info so that he could come out to the public to stop leading double life without the fear of having been thrown out by the network. As far as Trey is concerned, it turns out his marriage is actually a marriage of convenience between 2 friends because in his mind, that will give more value and merit to his whole gay marriage campaign. Of course, with a predictable ending both men decide to face the world and press with the reality and deal with whatever comes their way, as long as they have each other's true love.

As I mentioned earlier, the scripting of the film is weak. The film is pretty much these 2 men having long conversations discussing what's right and what's not. The owner of the resort is the other person that makes an appearance but overall it becomes such a drag watching the 2 men continuously on the screen. You wish something more would happen but it just doesn't. Acting wise the men were still ok.

These men have done better films. This one can be avoided. (2/10)

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