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Friday, July 30, 2010

Pornography: A Thriller

What the heck was the film about. I know I was paying all attention to the film but it never explained why certain things were happening. It seemed like the film was divided in 2-3 parts with them being linked some way but never an explanation given. By the end of the film, I wanted 2 hours of my life back.

Mark Anton in 90's was a famous porn star who made a few films, was on top and then suddenly vanished into thin air. Flash forward to current time: Michael is researching a book about porn. He's interviewing people who have long wondered what happened to the elusive Mark Anton. The trail leads him to a Brooklyn loft apartment that he and his partner feel compelled to move into. The vibe is definitely unsettling, and there are mysterious holes all over where it looks like cameras used to be. Michael finds a VHS tape hidden in the wall. He plays the tape but is not sure what he sees. He brings the tape to a video store friend to get it fixed but mysteriously then he also disappears. After a while Michael also disappears. The film's focus now shifts to West coast where porn star Matt Stevens has an eerie dream about Mark Anton that he hastily adapts into a screenplay. With the project greenlighted and production well underway, Matt ends up reliving Anton’s career in the same tragic manner.

The film was never clear on what's imaginary vs what is real. You try to keep focus but fail to understand. Every thriller needs to have an explanation for why things are going on a certain route but this one just didn't seem to want it or even think of it. From performances perspective, the film is ok but what can the actors do when the screenplay itself is so timid that it just doesn't make any sense.

DOn't waste your time even though it shows as the top seller on TLA's website :) (1/10)


deborahannek said...

So glad someone else has the same view. It really seemed to be going somewhere and all I end up with is a headache, and frustrated that there was no explanation or conclusion.

Golu said...

I know. It was way too bizarre and a big yawn

Patrick said...

I got tired of the Mark Anton story but got into the 2nd one. The 3rd one started to grate on me...
I think it was all really about Matt Stevens... he had to "get real." Until he did, the guys in the first 2 parts would live out their respective doomed fates. Once he 'got real' he changed that.

Rony Boy said...

thank you! for attention!