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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oye Vey! My Son Is Gay!

You can't help but notice this very attentive title of the film. The title gives an impression that this one is going to be a laugh riot. The film actually does manage to give you few laughs here and there but overall I personally felt that the film was a little mish mash of skits and unnecessary drama was created/added towards the end.

Nelson lives with his partner Angelo but remains closeted to his family, while they continue to try to fix him up with a nice Jewish girl. After they mistake centerfold neighbor Sybil for his fiancee, he finally comes out. The mother and father are shocked. Mother slowly starts accepting but the father has harder time. Starting here is just a series of events that just show struggle of the parents including meeting Angelo's family and then Angelo and Nelson's quest for a baby and fighting for gay rights to be able to adopt a baby.

In my opinion the film should have just focussed on the other's struggle for accepting her son's sexuality. That would have made a much fun with compared to her accepting almost immediately and then trying to support her son in everything. The child angle was uncalled for. I mean there was hardly any time between the couple coming out as a couple and immediately wanting a kid. I mean, really? Everything in the film was actually very cliched. The best part about the film was casting. The Jewish mother was right on the mark, so was the father and the gay couple. Although some more chemistry between the 2 good looking men would have helped.

I think high expectations sometimes kill the fun. The film was good but definitely could have been much much better. I will still suggest to watch it. (7/10)

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