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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Fluffer

Does the name ring any bell? I mean, what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the title? Nasty huh? Well, thats how the film was. It was an interesting concept of a common man falling for a famous porn star but the culmination was bad. In fact the whole story id told from a mature point of view would have been more interesting.

Sean is a young inexperienced gay man whose just moved to LA and is struggling to find his place in both his professional and personal life. While renting a gay X-rated film one night, he becomes intoxicated with its leading man Johnny Rebel. So he hightails it over to the company that made the film and gets himself a job as a P.A. This leads him to an encounter with none other than Johnny Rebel- who after some "difficulty" shooting a particular scene, carouses young Sean over to him and asks him for a little "help". Hence, Sean becomes a sort of personal "fluffer" for Johnny when he has this difficult moments from there on. After servicing him, Sean becomes even more enamored with Johnny whose life is spiraling out of control. When Johnny's girlfriend Babylon gets pregnant, Johnny's porn start status starts to decline. She locks him out of the house and his drug use is growing exponentially. The film takes unexpected turn when Sean helps Johnny get out of US to Mexico because he probably might get involved in the murder of a fellow cameraman. The film abruptly ends when Johnny runs away from there too leaving Sean all by himself.

The film might have had more impact if it had focused on the relationship between the two male leads and downplayed the more familiar aspects of the setting. Specially towards the end, the film takes complete downfall. The screenplay was a let down. Johnny's porn star dumb act was nice but Sean's star struck fluffer role was insipid.

This one can easily be missed. (3/10)

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