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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bollywood And Vine

This is such an OTT movie. Just about everyone in this film was loud mouth except the lead played by Delilah Leigh. The film had interesting theme but since it was made on such a low budget, the surroundings etc just did not gel with the film. It gave a very boring look to the entire film.

Delilah Leigh used to work a lot in C-grade horror films. She used to be known as the scream queen and has not been in any movies for 25 years now. An Indian guy Bhuvan Bannerjee operates a tour bus 'Bannerjee Tours'. He is totally smitten by Delilah and for him she is still that super star. IN hopes of catching a glimpse of her, he daily passes outside her house with tourists. Delilah has a young son Devin who has got the looks of his mother. He is gay and when he wears his mother's clothes he looks exactly like Delilah. When Delilah (aka Devin) finally make an appearance on the porch, Bhuvan immediately falls in love with her and offers her a script to do a film totally oblivious that the real Delilah is now old. But the truth soon comes out when Delilah and Bhuvan kiss and that Delilah is actually Devin. Bhuvan gets mad and leaves. Actual Delilah somehow convinces him to come back home and manages to lock Bhuvan and Devin in the attic together for days. Devin is now totally in love with Bhuvan but Bhuvan is not gay (or so he says). Bhuvan rebels, attempts escape, and the trio become caught up in an accidental death of a snoopy wannabe star neighbor. Finally things are ok. Bhuvan leaves them leaving a love struck Devin behind. A year later he comes back for Delilah's birthday and invites them both for a trip where he proposes to Devin and they both get married.

How could a straight guy suddenly turn gay and straight away get married to a dude. This was all so unbelievable.The saving grace of the film is that it doesn't take itself seriously. The plot is inane and unbelievable, going from one farcical situation to another without regard for pace, tone or honest character development. Devin was totally intolerable as Delilah. The annoying Delilah's neighbor was fun. Bhuvan was alright although I don't think he was Indian at all.

Bollywood and Vine is one address you won't want to visit - just drive by and honk. (4/10)

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