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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bear City

Now this film was a surprise. I had no idea what to expect from this film. The write up said that the film is a comedy but these kind of films can easily be a hit or a miss. Thankfully this was not a miss. Like someone says in the film, you just need to get to know the bears, they can be equally sarcastic and katty and katty they were in this film set in NYC.

Tyler is a young white man, a budding actor who is a bear chaser. He shares room with a twink Simon who is all after Tyler. Tyler meets Brent and hence Fred in an audition and then at a bear club. They introduce them to another one of their bear couple friends Michael and his Spanish lover. Introduce Roger, a muscle bear who apparently everyone wants to sleep with and who spends all his time with his gang banging group orgy friends. When Tyler sees Roger, he also has instant crush on him but knows that he probably is out of his league. WIth Simon's help, he tries various ways of getting Roger's attention and finally succeeds in it in the end. The film also shows us the lives of other two couples. Fred and Brent are trying to spice up their life by potentially getting a 3rd man in them which causes a lot of funny events in their life. Michael wants to get surgery done to get rid of his fat so that he can get a job but this makes his lover loose control because he likes Michael the way he is.

The film has lot of hilarious moments. For someone like me, who has no insight into the bear community, this film was pretty good and I got to know of some new gay scenes and terminologies. Tyler's friend Simon was the funniest among everyone specially when he finds out that Tyler actually doesn't like muscled men but rather prefers bears. The friendship between the men could be felt except the SPanish guy who was so OTT. Particularly funny for me was when Brent and Fred see the guy who they invited for 3some again and he has now lost his memory. Their reaction in that scene was priceless and all scenes involving Simon in the bear bar.

A nice funny film. At least compared to some other crap that I saw yesterday, this was better one. (6.5/10)

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