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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

And Then Came Summer

Sometimes when you watch a movie, the context makes a lot of difference. This movie if made in the 90s would have appealed much more to the audience than it does having been made in 2000 for the reason that it tackles a very basic view of an individual coming to terms with his sexuality because of fear of parental pressure. The story is good but the in today's context just does not fit well.

David and his little brother Ricky have traveled with their divorced father Brian from their big city home to Brian's beach hometown to visit Aunt Lillian for the summer. There Brian reunites with his old buddy Tommy who has taken in his younger brother Seth as a favor to his family. As Brian and Tommy re-bond, both having losses in their lives since their boyhood, David and Seth get to know each other and gradually discover an attraction that goes beyond friendship. After a tender and quiet kiss at night on the beach, they acknowledge their attraction, only to be betrayed by the threat young Ricky poses as he declares he will inform David's father of his brother's perversion! The boys confront their feelings with the David's father and Seth's brother and find acceptance and unconditional love from families mature enough to accept them. Seth reveals his several month's history of 'rehabilitation clinic for gays' experience which led to his moving in with his brother Tommy and the bigotry and tragedy of that event solidly bonds all of the families during the summer.

The producers heart was in the right place but the script is an unsubstantial mess, with no build or interesting dialogue. The acting is really poor all the way around - either totally wooden or completely overdone, often times both in the same scene. And don't even get me started on the actors who showed up for a scene here or there. They were atrocious.

My ratings for the right idea but poor execution (2.5/10)

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