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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Speed Dating (Deutsch) (Short Film)

This was a short film of about 30 minutes. After a weird start, the film showed promise but hen again it went nowhere.

In a cold future world everybody who is single drops dead. Which means that Tim who recently got dumped by his girlfriend has a serious problem. None of the women he meets at a speed dating event strike a chord with him. His last chance is Denise - or better said a typo called Dennis. Tim was given a pill to increase his libido. Fearing of dying and the fact that he is not attracted to men, he takes the pill so that he can get close to Dennis. Ultimately Tim does find the love in a girl.

Short films can be hot or miss. This was definitely a miss. (1.5/10)


Gandhi said...

oh my, i HATED this movie. i've watched it a few months ago on youtube. i'm so embarassed that this shit was produced in germany.

i mean, the message in the end comes across as "the gay guys are all lonely and chose to die alone in the woods." i was so angry at this stupid movie!! deserves a 0/10 imho.

Golu said...

yes the movie could easily have been a 0/10, but themovie has to be really really really bad for me to give a zero. Check out some of the other zero's I have given

Nina said...
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Golu said...

lol.. yes
total waste