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Sunday, June 20, 2010

S is For Sexy (Short Films)

This is again a collection of 7 short films, two of which I recently saw in other short film collection.

Serene Hunter (France)
Set in Paris, the 'hunter' of the title is a 30-something gay male who has a string of one-night stands. Content being free and unfettered by relationships, he happily moves from encounter to encounter. He then surprises himself by becoming involved in a more substantial relationship...but can the hunter within him be tamed? An honest portrayal, with some explicit action.

Solace (US)
This film shows an older and younger man who meet on the internet, and seem to get along well, until the older man tells about his boyfriend and it shatters younger man's dreams.

Scarred (UK)
An early 20s male has a significant scar on his face from a knife wound - and is fed up of the unwanted attention that it attracts. Will he find someone who can see past the scar? The answer may lie with an older, middle-aged architect, who seems to be the one person to whom the scar is invisible.

Signage (US)
Middle age can be hidden somewhat with makeup and hair coloring, which encourages two best friends to plan a night out at a bar that caters to young men half their age. One makes a strong connection with a young deaf guy, only to find out that there is more than one type of obstacle involved.

Mr_Right_22 (Germany)
First-date jitters in the age of internet dating but a kind waiter calms his fears and offers some encouragement to be open to life's opportunities. Cute.

41 Seconds (Germany)
Two masculine friends take about "41 Seconds" to compare notes on one of their dates, in which his girlfriend compared their respective skills as a kisser. Only 4 minutes, but cute.

Shahram & Abbas (Netherlands)
Two Iranian refugees, a young student activist and an older journalist, who want to see political asylum in the Netherlands. Believing they have a better chance of being granted such if they claim to be a persecuted homosexual couple, they begin a charade that leads to complications they never imagined, especially when the younger Shahram falls for a woman also awaiting asylum. Powerful and positive depiction of a very sad and serious situation.

An overall rating is a little better because relatively these were better films. (5.5/10)


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