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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Japan Japan (Hebrew)

What the heck was this film. Absurd, idiotic and totally senseless. I have seen bad movies and this one comes very close to some of the worse ones I have ever seen.

Imri is 19 year old, an ex-soldier born in Israel but yearns to live in Japan. Having just left the Israeli Defense Force he spends his days idling in a low paying job, wandering the streets of Tel Aviv, watching Japanese porn on his computer and having meaningless sex with men who are strangers. He is kept afloat by his crazy roommates and neighbors plus his dream to one day travel to the land of his dreams, Japan.

The film moves in various directions and just goes on with some sudden random sex and nude scenes which make no sense whatsoever. Imri is a sort of blank slate on whom we can project our fantasies, just as he projects his own onto his beloved Japan.

Except the fact that Imri was cute, there is nothing in the film. Avoid (0.5/10)

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