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Thursday, June 24, 2010


What have we come to? What were the producers thinking when they made this film? Every actor was so over the top and annoying that it was unbelievable that the director at any point didi not notice how bad acting every single member was doing. What a waste of time.

Derik and Collin are a gay couple who produce TV shows and live in west hollywood. They are good friends with 2 other gay couple and they all hang out very often. Boyd is a psycho aspiring actor who would go to any lengths to get a role in their next production. Mistaking Boyd for Shawn ( a friend's cousin), Derik and Collin allow Boyd(now Shawn) to live in their house. Shawn is now secretly planning to do anything to get a role in their next production. WHat starts now is a series of ups and downs that happen in not just Derik and Collin's life but even their friends because Shawn makes sure that he seduces at least one of the member of the couple and create some misunderstanding. He to some extent manages to create a rift between the couple and blackmail them to give him a part in their show but as expected things come up in open. Every member is then honest to each other and the truth behind Shawn comes out and he is let go.

You should have seen how over the top and annoyingly gay was Collin (or was it Derek). Not even a girl would walk or talk or roll her eyes like he would. Super bad. Then the main character of Shawn ha such annoying dialogues, and smile and even acting. It was just pathetic. The supporting guys were ok but again OTT. Agreed the movie is supposed to be spoof but audiences is supposed to laugh not get supremely annoyed.

Completely avoidable. (1/10)

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