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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Consenting Adults (UK)

This historical drama made by BBC for TV viewing is actually the biography of John Wolfenden's personal and professional struggle to reform the British law concerning homosexuality. The time is 60s when acknowledging that homosexuality was disgusting and an abomination and indulging in the act was crime.

John Wolfenden is a college professor with an openly gay son, well open to the family. When John is appointed to chair the committee which investigated prostitution and homosexuality and recommended changes in the law, his son Jeremy is hopeful that his father will keep his personal prejudices against queers and do what is best for society. Needless to say that John himself is very disgusted with the idea of having a gay son. Many of those on the committee started the investigation full of revulsion for homosexuality, but they did their job and interviewed policemen and gay men to find out what went on. In the end they come to a report which says that in private, consenting adults can do what they want with consent age of 21. Full on sex still was illegal but reduced imprisonment from life sentence. There was lot of scenes with Jeremy but I think they were more for dramatic affect. He died at age of 31 for alcoholic reasons.

The photographs of the real-life Wolfendon's over the closing credits show that the production got their appearance almost exactly. The actors are good, and the writers and directors have managed to make a good, sound movie about a subject that is often too forgotten: gay life in the 50-60s. I would have liked more time dedicated to the relationship between him and his gay son.

The film could have been much better than being documentary style of filming. (3.5/10)

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