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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chemin de Croix (French) [Crossway]

It was a 50 minute short film that started well but somewhere lost where it was heading. The main character Jonathan was good looking and a lot could have been done with the situation but the film just finishes abruptly exactly the way it progressed.

Jonathan, a working-class teenager lives with his distant father and a annoying pregnant step mother. When he finds out he is to be sent to boarding school, he steals money from his father and decides to run away from home. He goes to his friend Steve and convinces him to go on an afternoon trip to Paris where they can have fun spending the money. Jonathan has a soft corner for Steve but thats it. After a failed attempt to enter the sex shops in Paris they decide to go to a squat and find some weed. After smoking a couple of joints, Steve has to go back home and Jonathan decides to stay in a hidden place of the squat and ends up sleeping. When he wakes up, he finds himself tied up by Shooter, whose real name is Antoine, who wants to keep him as a hostage in case some of the thugs he had an argument with decide to turn him in to the police. An ambiguous relationship grows between the kidnapper and its victim where in they hurt each other, hate and curse each other but are also each other's companion. Jonathan finally manages to escape from there and let Steve take care of him.

Yes the movie did end as abruptly as you must be feeling after reading this review. It was clearly not thought of how and where the screenplay should go. It was a good potential gone horribly wrong. The direction was alright but big letdown from script. The relationship between Steve and Jonathan if developed could have been far more interesting than this. By the way, where the hell did they find the step mother. Let me tell you, she was very very weird looking.

Completely avoidable. (1/10)


Gerald Brown said...

Where does one find this movie?

Golu said...

search for it online. There are quite a few websites