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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Boys Love (Japanese)

This movie is very uncluttered with a very clear sense of story. One character explores his feelings for another boy, whereas the other makes you care why he seemingly has everything but has a dark, destructive side. Both give their roles enough depth to make them both compelling.

The film tells the story of Mamiya, a 20-something journalist, who is assigned to do a profile on popular teen model (and amateur artist) Noeru. Mature for his years, Noeru takes control of their meeting, and later of Mamiya himself, as he introduces the young journalist to his first experience with man-to-man sex. Visiting Noeru a few days later, Mamiya learns that Noeru is more than a bit of a slut, and seems incapable of settling down with one person or keeping his word to anyone, including his best friend Chidori, who has an unrequitted crush on Noeru. Noeru is totally falling for Mamiya who is not gay. But when he realizes that Noeru has some emotional stress, he agrees to become his friend with the condition that Noeru will stop sleeping with random men. Mamiya and Noeru start coming very lose to each other. The film never shows them sexually together but they share a bond. This closeness is absolutely not bearable by Chidori who has always thought that ultimately Noeru will come back to him. In this rage of jealousy, he comes o kill Mamiya but Noeru comes in between and dies. A sad ending !

It's actually a simplistic story, stretched out to fill almost an hour and a half and the acting is a bit "over the top" and tedious at times. The ending seemed contrived and hardly logical, as well as unnecessarily depressing. There could have been a positive twist to it. I liked the proverbs that were shown in the entire movie that kind of summarized different entities and meanings of love in different situations.

Strictly ok to watch. Next in line is the sequel. (4/10)

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