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Monday, May 24, 2010


Of late we have seen a lot of movies that show us lives of gay friends in big cities and how they cope up with some of the challenges that life offers them. This film also falls in a similar category except that these queens are more uptight and muscled rather than your regular gay guy (or maybe regular gay guys are all muscled these days)

5 close friends always hang out. Desmond is your usual one night stand guy who is scared of relationships. Bobby and Sean are a couple who have been together for few years and are now in the process of looking for an aptt to buy. Mick is a famous chef who is still mourning the death of his lover for a long time and lastly JD who is insecure about pretty much everything in his life. Enter Drake, a hottie to whom everyone in the group gets instantly attracted to as a person because he is smart, handsome, confident and fun. Soon we realize that Drake is after all these individuals to break their love and friendship. We find out later the reason is because long ago his boyfriend walked out on him and the incident had made him bitter that he cannot see anyone happy. He succeeds in bedding Desmond. Nail in straw comes when he seduces Sean knowing that he maybe sometimes misses playing around. Various other events happen that break the beautiful friendship and love between the 5 people but soon sense prevails. The friends take matter in their hands and everything is back normal. Drake is all alone to the extent that his own close friends now dont want to hang out with him.

The story premise was pretty basic with some additional focus on some insecurities of gay men and friends. The main thing missing was more details on Drake. His intentions were never clearly explained. The mean were good looking specially Sean. This one was a decent short time pass.

It wont hurt to watch the film one time. (5/10)

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