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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tout contre Léo (French) [Close To Leo]

This was such a good film to watch. It has been along time since I saw the family bond, interactions and closeness amongst members of the family and how they are so protective of each other. It was very very heartening to see pure brotherly love without any sexual tension or anything despite the amount of nudity involved. It was all very pure. The movie basically is through eyes of Marcel.

Marcel 11 is the youngest of 4 brothers Leo, Tristan and Pierrot. The parents are also young and they are all a very close knit family. Each is fairly open and accepting of Leo’s homosexuality and one night they learn that Leo is HIV positive. Worried that Marcel is too young to deal with this devastating news, he’s omitted from the family discussions of Leo’s HIV status. But one night after dinner Marcel overhears talk about Leo’s health, and the news comes as a bombshell. Family continues to pretend everything is fine but Marcel knows and wants the truth to come out but no one is able to do this. Leo is increasingly getting frustrated with his situation and wants to goto Paris to rekindle his romance with an ex-boyfriend. He takes Leo with him. Marcel hears from Leo that Leo is indeed very sick and very gay. After a while Marcel is able to figure out that that Leo is also very unhappy with his situation and with taking his meds. Leo's hope of getting love back in life is dashed down when the other guy had moved with someone else. Leo sends back Marcel home on train asking him to take care of everyone in family. The film then ends with Leo's funeral.

Like I mentioned this film shows very good family bonding. It is filled with touching, hugs, kisses, sharing beds (non-sexually), and apparent good humor. The warmth and love between father with kids and wife, beauty of brotherly love and dignity that Leo and Marcel bring to this film is pure joy to watch.

Strongly recommended for pure love, bond, family and crisis. (7.5/10)


moonlitlake said...

What a movie man..I had tears when Leo left Marcel at the railway station...I loved the mothers character. She was so intense and so were the other brothers.Marcel was truly different and the understanding he had about the condition of his brother was totally pure.I loved the movie.

Golu said...

Glad to see finally some of my choices are agreeable to you. Jokes apart! This was a really good movie

moonlitlake said...

I really want to talk to you..My friend,you have no idea how much I am thankful to you.You opened a new world for me.I had no idea that movies like "Three" really existed.You showed me the way.

Golu said...

Thanks and I am so glad to hear this. Put your email here and I will get in touch with you. I will delete your email thereafter from here to respect your privacy