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Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Sensei

This martial art film also is about sexual prejudice, hypocrisy, intolerance and violence. Rather than shying away, the film deals with all these issues head on. You get to see some really touching moments.

Living in 80's in COlorado, McClain's life is a nightmare from every minute that town found out he was gay. Everyone despises him, hits him and no one talks to him. He is weak and gets beaten in school. He has tried to join a martial art school but they always make excuse to not take him. The school is run by an asian immigrant family. Their daughter Karen comes back to the town after 5 years. She had left the town because of the discrimination that she faced wherein every member of the family got black belt except her because she was girl. When McClain's mother approaches her to train her son, she accepts the challenge and one day the truth comes out when suddenly a college guy tries to bully McClain and he hits back. This does not go down well with Karen's family and the town. Both McClain and Karen get into a bad fight with local hooligans and are hospitalized. The truth then comes out that Karen is HIV positive and got it through her boyfriend. After a slurry of emotions, Karen's family comes to term with it, nurses her till the time she finally gives up and dies. A strange strong bond had developed between the 2 protagonists. Karen shared with McClain the story of when everyone in the town had refused to bury her boyfriend who was dying of AIDS, the LGBT community came forward to help and teaching McClain martial arts was her way of returning favor back to community.

It is truly an amazing and touching film. Although made on a very low budget, the film looks pretty true by heart. Problems aren't completely solved here. But The Sensei gives us an idea of where we can start. Acting is alright although the family of martial art reactions were a little incomprehensible to me.

A good and decent watch. (5/10)

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