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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sagwan (Filipino)

I can see this film as being highly controversial. An independent film, this has loads of hot dudes with good bodies. Not that just this, they have ample male and female nudity and it is not just for the sake of it but this is one case where script and the settings completely demand it. Although I must admit that after a while it becomes a little too much.

The movie tackles about the life story of Bangkeros (Boatmat) with a side line of selling their bodies to gays and matronas. The film's central character is Andrew who prides himself as the only boatman who hasn’t engaged to prostitution that his friends have grown accustomed to. He has a girlfriend who stopped speaking ever since she witnessed her mother's death. Rumor is that her father killed her. Now she devotes her entire time in taking care of Andrew and her father. The movie goes along an how all the men deal with various clients. Andrew's best friend Eman also tries to convince him to get into prostitution to make more money and so does his father specially because he has such a nice body and he is good looking. One day when Eman and Andrew and taking a client across the river, he finally gives in and does it and feels guilty about it. We also get an impression that Eman is physically also interested in Andrew. The same time his girlfriend has wanting to get physical with him but he always avoids that. So one day Eman ends up getting physical with Eman thinking him as Andrew. The movie ends with Eman and the girlfriend making out and Andrew finally joins them. The 3 of them are very much in love with each other and are enjoying. ANdrew realizes that ultimate pleassure lies beyond who you are and who you're with.

The film was visually beautiful in places. The panoramic setting was very well captured. All the other boys though hot were very bad in acting department. There were a couple of drag queens whose comic antics and punch lines sometimes made the film funny. The girlfriends character was very weird and was never clearly explained why she stopped talking.

It was a decent film but not worth repeating. (4/10)

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