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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Juste une Question d'Amour (French) [Just a Question of Love]

I saw this movie again primarily for 2 reasons. First of course I had to put it on my blog, second because I remembered that it was one of the best movies I had seen. After having seen so many of gay movies over past few years, I still like it; maybe not as much as I did the first time but still one of the very good films made.

Laurent lives with his parents. His cousin recently died of HIV and he was gay. His uncle's family totally despised him and that is the reason Laurent is afraid to come out to his parents. He lives with his girlfriend Carole who is happy to pose as her girlfriend for the parents sake. Because of all this , his grade in school is getting low. They are so poor that e is instructed to do an internship in field agriculture to raise his academic standing under his tutor Cédric. He lives an openly gay life with his warmly understanding and loving mother Emma in a garden setting that also serves as Cédric's agricultural research lab. Though instantly attracted to each other, Laurent maintains his closeted life until Cédric reveals his affection: the two become happy, passionate lovers. All goes well until Cédric insists that Laurent be in an open relationship, a state that would demand that Laurent inform his parents of his preferences. Laurent fears that he will be treated like his cousin so he is afraid to tell his parents because they mean so much to him. This is when Emma thinks to interfere and she goes and tells Laurent's parents. How the parents deal with this trauma, how Laurent in the end becomes comfortable in who he is and still manages to keep his parents love is worth watching and heart rendering.

The relationship between the 2 guys is so loving and refreshing, it reminds you of your love. As a viewer you feel as if you're right there, actually sharing their fun, excitement and joy in discovering sex and love with each other. Needless to say that they are easy on eyes too. The film still strike a chord after 2nd viewing. Even the parents are very real I love the scene when Emma walks in unannounced on the boys and Cedric is all too cool about it.

Definitely worth a watch. One of the good ones. (8/10)


ceridwen said...

I loved this movie too. Anyway just a correction. His cousin didn't die of HIV, but from leukemia or something like that. It was kind of important because his own parents believe he died of HIV and therefore that "he died because he was gay". They were so blinded by their hatred of him being gay they didn't even know how their own son died.

Golu said...

Thanks for correcting. I am surprised I missed this important details.

Heidi Olsen said...

Actually you are both wrong ;-) he died of acute hepatitis.

Golu said...

Thanks Heidi