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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tru Loved

I kept wondering where had I heard the name of the film and then after seeing the poster I realized that I had seen the name in Advocate magazine. I soon realized that main protagonist was a female so I had my reservations on whether this film is really gay themed or like recent farce movies, they are just pretending to be.

A teenage girl recently has moved to suburbs or LA in a very small town. She has lesbian mothers and gay fathers. Everyone in the school thinkns she is weird except Lo who makes friends with her. Initially dismissed by her mothers for being black, they start dating. Couple dates and Tru soon realizes that Lo is gay and confronts him. Lo admits but is scared because his black family would never understand it and moreover he is so passionate about football that if he comes out, he might be thrown out of the team. Tru and lo pretend to be a couple. In the meantime Tru meets Walter, a teenage gay boy and they becomes friends. Walter has always been bullied so its kind of good for him. They both start a gay-straight alliance club in their school. Everyone has initial reservations including Lo because all he is scared of is no one should find out about him. IN this club, Travis comes as a big supporter. Tru initially thinks he is gay but turns out he is totally straight and they both start dating. There are several instances when Tru tries her best to make Lo aware of the situation and accept reality but he is just not ready for it. Not even when h has feelings for Walter and they wanna be together. Sense prevails and when Tru's mothers decide to get married. situations arise and things happen which finally give Lo the courage to accept his sexuality and face his fears of school, friends and family.

Overall I liked the film. Tru was very charming and the film actually dealt with some serious teenage issues like their own acceptance of their sexuality and then the society's approval. It was also good to see a straight supporter Travis who would support Tru and the GSA club in every way. My issue is why suddenly they have to show everyone as closet homosexuals just because Lo is now coming out. Suddenly this small little town is filled with gays. Why do directors have to do that. Can't they just keep it simple. But otherwise the movie was charming. It was good to see Walter again. I still can't forget his performance in 'Watercolours'. I might have to see that film again.

Definitely worth a watch if you can excuse the lame ending. (6.5/10)

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