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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Regarding Billy

Even after it has been few hours since I watched the film, I am having a little hard time making a decision on my thoughts of this film. I think the film had great potential as a short film but they dragged it on for a long time (it is really slow) and in turn it lost the essence, the magic and the intimacy that this film could have created with the audience.

Dean and Billy are best of buddies and share a very nice, playful – but very frustrating – friendship. Out of the blue Dean announces that he is joining military for 4 years. Dean departs with much unsaid. In the meantime Billy's parents pass away and so now he moves back to the town to take care of his young learning-disabled brother Johny. Just when they were getting settled Dean comes back to the town and starts living with the brothers. Billy is ecstatic to see him but still is having a hard time telling him about it. The 3 men bond together and have a good time. Billy tries to tell Dean his true feelings for him a lot of times but always fails but when he finds out that Dean is probably turning blind soon because of military he cant hold back anymore and blurts out his feelings without fearing. Dean responds positively and admits to having loved Billy ever since he can remember. The 3 young men then share some intimate family moments.

LIke I mentioned abpve that the film was really slow but the underlying story was definitely beautiful. It also had beautiful mesage about love, companionship and a sense of family which I think all of us gays aspire to have. It's strange how few films attempt to manage the coming of adulthood, deal with being gay and coming out, and still find relationships that matter to us. This film manages to address all of these in a gentle and approachable manner. And yes the 2 men being attractive definitely helps ;)

Definitely worth a watch if you dont mind a little sluggish pace at which the film progresses. (6/10)

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