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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The film could have been better. The story although simple had potential to grab the attention only if the performances were good an the pace of the movie was slightly more fast. Because after a point, it just feels draggy and you just wanna fast forward the film just to give it some push.

Dylan is celebrating his 23rd birthday by setting his apartment with flowers and dinner, expecting his love of one year Ken to arrive for the surprise. Ken always just comes for the weekends and goes back for his 'real estate' work to Phoenix. After a night of passion, Ken has to leave next day for an emergency work. Dylan is hurt then angry and breaks his gift, sending Ken off to Phoenix in a miff. Sorry for his behavior Dylan takes the money enclosed in a Birthday card from his folks and flies to Phoenix to apologize to Ken. What Dylan is not expecting to find is Demetrius, whom he traces via the broken vase to and learns that Ken and Demetrius have been partnered for seven years. Neither Dylan nor Demetrius is pleased with Ken's lying and cheating but they gradually admit to finding solace with each other and spend time together. They seem to get along well with each other and clearly make a bond but then for some reasons Demetrius just decides that he does not have those feelings for Dylan and asks him to leave and go back to LA. Deeply hurt, Dylan goes back and the potential love story just comes to an end just like that.

The setting of Phoenix is simple and real but personally for me, it didn't work. On the contrast it created a boredom impact for me. Demetrius was the only decent guy to look at and also who could act well too. Some of the scenes with an older couple who just come in and out were kinda fun.

Just an alright film. Watch it if there is nothing better to do. (4/10)

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