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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Newcastle (Australia)

Newcastle is actually a surfing movie. Labeling it as gay cinema would be injustice. Just because one of the characters happens to be gay does not move us away from the main emotion of the film. It's about emotions, trials, tribulations, wanting to do something in life.

Jess and Fergus are brothers. Their elder half brother Victor as an up and coming surfing champion but he could never reach the pinnacles that he always aspired to. He sees the same talent in his brother Jesse. He has a natural talent for surfing. No wonder Victor harbors a resentment towards him. Fergus on the other hand is a flamboyant character who keeps changing his hair color and is comfortable with his sexuality. On the day os selection for the national championship, Jesse comes in third that completely upsets him since only top 2 will be sent for championship. One of his friends Andy from his circle of 4 friends gets selected who actually is not interested but because of his father is pursuing this. The friends decide to go on a weekend together and take Fergus as well with them. They have fun and they all practice surfing. Fergus and Andy have some chemistry going on between them. Victor shows up there next morning with his 2 other friends and starts surfing. A pseudo competition starts happening and in the process Victor gets killed and Andy gets badly hurt. This is the time when Andy gets a chance to represent himself in the Newcastle surfing championship and he is ready to prove himself.

As mentioned Fergus character was just there and happened to be gay. Actually his character acts as a catalyst between the family and also amongst the friends. Acting wise I think everyone did a decent job. Mu inability to fully understand Australian accent sometimes acted as a blocker. I have no idea about surfing but the scenes were beautifully shot. I think there should have been some more clarity on Victor's past, why he behaves the way he does etc. Chemistry between Fergus and Andy also could have been developed but then I am being a little selfish here. A lot of naked young bodies to see :)

A decent movie overall. Not bad. (5.5/10)

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Anonymous said...

Seeing as how I had to watch the "edited" for US TV version of this movie it might be worth me renting this one just to see what all I missed. LOL! Other then the super hawt guys with interesting accents I am not sure how this was a gay themed movie. Well other than the one scene the two hotties were having this toss off session between each other. Overall a touching movie about family and friends and the troubles one had with all of them! Worth at least being watched.