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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

L'homme de sa vie (French) [The Man of My Life]

I had somehow a lot of expectations with this film specially with the way the film started but alas, by the time the film ended there was a lot left unsaid. Maybe the director thought that people are smart enough to comprehend the complexities of relationships but then in this movies the complications were at a level way above at least my understanding.

Frederic and Frederique are a happily married couple who enjoy entertaining large groups of people at the country home where they vacation. One day, Frederic invites their next door neighbor, a single gay man Hugo, over for a get-together with family and friends. Soon, Frederic and Hugo have struck up a friendship largely centered on their mutual addiction to running and their propensity to talk the night away over such weighty matters as love, passion, responsibility, freedom, commitment and marriage. Hugo tries to convince Frederic that his role as dutiful husband and father has robbed him of his individuality and earlier lust for life, while Hugo, spurned by his father at a young age, comes to his own understanding of the importance of family by the end. There's an obvious sexual attraction between the two men. Frederic is torn between the desire to continue loving the wife who so obviously loves him and who has provided a stable home for him and their children - and this new found feeling for Hugo that he can, in no way, shape or form, even begin to understand.

The romance is not about sexual attraction, but the role people play in he life of the other that bring forth emotions. My problem with the film was it was not easy to comprehend. All 3 main characters their part very well. You would not wanna hold responsible anyone for anything. Its just the way things happened in their lives but yes you do feel for Frederique because she is the one who gets affected the most.

You can't deny its a beautiful film. But this is one which you might either love or hate. (4/10)

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