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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Les Passagers (French) [In Transit]

This one a was avery weird movie. It seems like thats all I watch these days. Again it had just had few characters who happened to be gay. This is not purely a gay cinema.

The film basically follows thoughts dreams and a slice of life of a few people traveling in the subway train in Paris. An old woman is just looking at passengers and wondering what they do when they get off the train. The film hence follows the life of 4-5 such people. A young man who is taking flowers to the grave of his former lover, a victim of AIDS, reflects on their last moments together. Another young man is so obsessed with finding a woman with perfect feet that he ends up marrying one with an unpleasant face. David, a school teacher, begins an amorous liaison with a an unemployed younger man, Marco, whilst Pierre, a security guard, is all too ready to give up his days of solitude when he meets the right woman. Around them, society seems to be crumbling, the spread of AIDS reflecting a far deeper malaise in a world that has lost its way.

It is one of those oddball films that are primarily made for festival circuit and are usually beyond a common man's intellectual. Barring one or two individual story,nothing else in this film was able to hold my attention.

I would suggest to avoid this film. (1.5/10)


Anonymous said...

This actually sounds like a wonderful, and it's not the director's fault that you're not intelligent enough to follow a film; therefore, giving it a bad rating. You shouldn't be allowed to judge movies because you will definitely give readers the wrong impression of what is terrific or terrible. Please, destroy this blog as soon as possible.

Golu said...

I am entitled to my opinions and you are to yours. Tell me a movie which 100% people who watched it liked it or 100% who hated it. These are strictly my views which is what a blog is supposed to be.

You are very welcome to not follow the blog