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Monday, April 12, 2010

Danny In The Sky (French Canada)

To market this as a gay film is insulting. The main character is not gay. There is nothing in Danny's behavior that marks him for gay. He pursues women the entire movie, finally ending up with one of the most annoying women in the movie. One wants to knock that ever-present camera right out of her hands.

Danny is a romantic young man looking for love. He loathes school, wants to become a model. He is dating a top hotel model who is into him just because Danny actually looks hot but she soon realizes that Danny is only using her, so she dumps him. Danny is the son of a gay dad and a top model mom who died of an overdose when he was still young and this is the reason he wants to become part of a society that values luxury, glamour and appearances above all, by becoming a model. When modeling fails, he meets a guy who works as a stripper in gay club. Danny has no place to go and he starts doing the same job. This guy used to date a photographer Karine whom now Danny likes. Although I get the feeling that he was even using her to get famous. Gay bars, drugs and quest for high profile life ultimately get to him and he gets shot. He survives but his life has no meaning.

This has to be one of the worst movies ever made. Actually no, I have seen worse. Except for Danny's good body, there is nothing else in the film. Screenplay is bad, acting is terrible and the film just has lots going on without actually telling anything.

Avoid at all cost. (1/10)

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